Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Uh oh, I'm in trouble again

Dad: "Mojo, I thought we weren't going to mention the new laptop."

Mojo: "?" (tilts head to one side and furrows brow).

Dad: "You know, it's a need-to-know basis and all that."

Mojo: "Well she was going to find out sometime. Besides, I thought you said it's an essential business tool, an 'investment in your personal productivity.' Huh?"

Dad: "Yes, but....I wasn't going to mention it just yet."

Mojo: "So what's with all the secrecy? Is it 'cos you're a spy?"

Dad: "I'm not a spy, Mojo."

Mojo: "My friends say you're a spy."

Dad: "Well, I'm not. I'm a writer."

Mojo: "You're a writer?" (looks puzzled). "So how come your typing's so bad?"

Dad: "I'll ignore that."

Mojo: "So, do you write spy novels or something?"

Dad: "No, of course not."

Mojo: "Hmmm. I still don't understand. Why all the secrecy then?"

Dad: "Oh, never mind."


  1. AH HUH!!!!! Stanley is right!! Your Dad is a spy...why else would he get a new computer and not tell your Mom????(funny he got it when she was away..........)Love A+A

  2. Hi, Mojo!
    Sounds like you have been very talkative!
    Why he did not want you to talk about the laptop? Is your mom going to be mad about it?
    I hope not!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Oh Mojo,
    I was really worried at first because I thought you had chewed up the laptop like you did the iPod! No, don't take this as a challenge now. You would NEVER come out of the dog house if you did that!
    I still think your dad is a spy. Of course he can't blow his cover. That's spy school lesson number one.
    Love ya!
    Your Secret Admirer

  4. Hey, Mojo!

    I am TOTALLY CONVINCED now. Tell your dad not to worry, though. I won't tell a soul that he's DEFINITELY A SPY. (Don't want him to have to kill me).

    The reason I KNOW he's a spy is because another blogging buddy of mine, Mr. Bob T. Bear, Esq is a spy too. (And, he lives there in England ~ maybe he & your dad are in the same network. I'll send you his link.) He goes into a LOT of detail about bear spies and the kinds of questions you should never ask them, and stuff. So, I've learned how to spot a spy. (Or, you can go to my blog & find his link under the Buddy section.)

    So tell me, Mojo (*wink*wink*) what kind of a "writer" IS your dad?

    Goober love & smooches,

  5. Crikey Mojo, what's it like having a spy for a dad??? Have you picked up any handy spy tips? Let us know if you do cause they could be quite useful.
    Oh and we won't say anything either...it's all hush hush.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  6. Phew, I too thought maybe you had eaten the new laptop. I hope dad hasn't been spending our treat fund on new "toys"

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  7. Hey Mojo, since everyother dog thinks your dad is a spy, I think he must be too. I bet he has lots of gadgets like James Bond, but you can't show us cos it would totally blow his cover. J x

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  9. Stanley's right. This definitely sounds spyish. Now tell me. Does he have his hair over the ear on one side and tucked behind it on the other?