Friday, 18 April 2008

Mum's got a sore paw. The answer: airedale art therapy

I guess most of you have heard about my poor mum, breaking her ankle while on her trip to Australia. I told her she shouldn't go anywhere without me. Jetting off on her own like that, off the lead and everything. I should have kept her under closer control.

Now it looks like she won't be able to go walkies with me for weeks and weeks. It's not fair.

So, mum, if you see this, I hope your paw isn't hurting too much. Dad says mum and I will need to spend lots of time together when she gets back even if she can't play football in the garden or go for runs down the canal.

So he's been trying to get me interested in art, after I saw this amazing post over at Scruffy, Lacie and Stan's Place.

Lacie posted about this amazing airedale Cassie who creates artwork by painting nose goob onto the household windows. Her owner Beth - who is a real artist, by the way - then does amazing things with them on the 'puter.

I don't think I've got Cassie's natural artistic ability. And I know for a fact that dad is no artist. He's as bad at photoshop as he is with a camera.

But we thought we'd have a go, to show our appreciation of the great airedale art being produced by Cassie and Beth.

This is dad's office window. It's where I stand to check out what's going on in the garden, and if the cat's are on the conservatory roof. It's the work of many, many months. (Dad says he doesn't 'do' cleaning.)

It's been jiggled about a bit, dad says:

film stock.jpg

Then we had some fun:

orange and green goob.jpg

A bit more messin':

greena and blue goob.jpg

Some tweaks and changes:

orange and blue.jpg

Dad says: "Look out, Rothko, here we come." But who's Rothko? Is he a dale?

red goob.jpg

Then dad started getting carried away. I tried to stop him but he was off before I could get a lead round his neck:

green blobs.jpg

neon glow.jpg

If you want to see how it should be done, check out Cassie's blog. She's one talented dale.


  1. Love your nose art Mojo! Ma washes ours off the patio door every day or two, doesn't she realise those could be art masterpieces?!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  2. Mojo!

    My girl doesn't DO much in the way of cleaning windows around here either. They're covered with goob slime, and will be again within minutes of being scrubbed down.

    Now, I love your nose art. Those first couple of photos look like palm trees on a tropical island. (Maybe the first piece is palm trees sprayed by agent orange.)

    The rest are beyond me. I like the fact, though, that your dad is branching out beyond his spy duties to entertain you and expose you to the world of Art. Who IS this guy Art, anyway?

    Goober love & artistic smooches,

    Pee Ess
    Did you see where my buddy Bob T Bear visited your post on April 8? If not, go check it out!

  3. There is TONS of nosey snool on the pick-up truck windows! We'll have to send mom out with the camera so we can be famous too!
    What a bummer about your mom's ankle, Mojo!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Hey Mojo, you're a natural! Can I have your pawtograph? J x

  5. Not bad for your first time Mojo. Your mum will get such a surprise when she come home to discover you've become an artist.

    You'll have to thank your mum for us for the lovely postcard she sent.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  6. Oh man we have so much of that stuff around here we could fill an art museum(Contemporary Art hee hee) Great job by your Dad.....Love A+A