Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Mum to Mojo - part 1

Mum here, sitting in an internet cafe in Alice Springs. How's my pup? Missing you like crazy, girl (and Dad too, but don't tell him).

I've been keeping my eyes out for other 'Dales, but so far have seen very few dogs. I think you would find it a bit too hot for your fuzzy coat here, and the sand would get a bit hot on your oh-so-sensitive paws. I did meet a proper crocodile up in Kakadu National Park - 7 metres long (21 foot) which made me realise that your crocoDale antics, whilst toothy and a bit wicked, are mild in comparison. Mind you, if I held your food on the end of a rope I reckon you would jump out of the river too.

Met a fantastic little 4 month old Jack Russell called Chilli who took a shine to me. Ignored the crowd of other people at lunch and followed me around. Even stuck his nose under the toilet door and barked at me until I came out again. I think he sensed a terrier-trained human.

Then one day we stopped to talk to a delightful young wallaby called Pixie and this chunky battle-scarred cattledog called Rusty barged in, threw down a stick and said "forget the wallaby, THROW THE STICK". Which I did. Repeatedly. I'll show you the photo when I get home. What a great dog.

So I can't wait to get back spend some time with you. Actually, I think I owe Dad about 3 months of dog duty. I hope you are ready to hang out with me and don't sulk.

By the way, you made me cry when I left on the train, and you pulled that face at me. I think I made it all the way to Taunton before I could safely put the tissues away.

big hugs girl. And be nice to the cats.


  1. Aw, poor mum is really missing you Mojo. I'm sure the feeling's mutual. Hopefully the time will pass quickly. I hope we can meet for that long awaited walk once your mum is home!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  2. Awwwwwwwww, your mom is missing you so much, Mojo!
    She's sure getting to check out a lot of neat animals! What fun!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Aw, Mojo!

    That is one sweet mama you have there (if you don't count the leaving you at home for 5 weeks against her). She is jonesin' for her Mojo, and may even be suffering from MWS (Mojo Withdrawal Syndrome). I hope you packed her an emergency kit of Mojo love and extra traveling smooches.

    I also hope you're having a blast with your dad! Now that you have him all day every day, you can properly train him like you obviously have your mama. That would be a nice treat to have waiting for her when she gets back - a Mojo-trained dad.

    Be sure to tell her we want to see ALL of her photos from Down Under, and tell her to be careful.

    Goober love & sympathetic smooches,

  4. Hi, Mojo!
    Sure your mom misses you!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Gosh Mojo, you sure have a lovely mum. She even wrote to you. We're going to show our pinkies this post so they might pick up some tips next time they go on holiday.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  6. Hey Mojo, isn't your mum well trained, sending you messages while she's on holiday? Can you give me a few tips?