Saturday, 26 April 2008

Mum to Mojo - Part 4 from Airedelaide

Get your best collar on, girl. I'm on my way home. 

I set off tomorrow (Adelaide time) and arrive on Monday morning (British time). Lucky me gets sent home in business class because I need to have my foot up, and apparently I'll have a little army of people to push me round different airports and push my bags too. I even get a special car to drive me from the airport to my front door. 

It almost makes up for the weeks I'll have to endure a plaster cast.

Why does it always have to itch where I can't scratch?

Anyway, treat me gently as I have to go straight to the local hospital with jetlag to get my cast replaced. 

After that... you and me get to party!

 see you soon, crazy pupster



  1. ooooooooooooooo Mojo! We are super psyched for you! I bet you throw the biggest pawty England has ever seen! Roll out that red carpet - your mom is flyin' in!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Mojo
    Happiness so glad youw Mum is coming homePAWTY!!!!
    give hew lots of kisses fwom me too
    and smoochie kisses to you giwlie

  3. Mojo you must be so excited. Not long now before you can welcome you Mum home, but be gentle with her.
    Molly and Taffy.

    PS Hope you have a comfy journey home in Business Class Mojo's Mum.

  4. Oh wow business class, that sounds pretty good. Pity about the ankle though.
    Mojo, lucky girl, mum will be home soon.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  5. Hey, Mojo Girl!

    Your mama is probably almost there even as I type this. She's winging her way home to you and your spy dad, and I'm guessing that both of you are STINKIN' excited!

    You know, your mama sent me a postcard from Australia! I couldn't believe it. You're going to have to give her lots of healing goober smooches as soon as you see her! Can't wait to hear about your reunion!

    Goober love & smooches,

  6. WooHoo!!!! By now she is home,and all is well.......Love and kisses (but gentle ones to your Mom) A+A