Saturday, 12 April 2008

Mum to Mojo - Part 2

Girl, you're having so much fun! Glad to see you have got Dad firmly under control and extending his creativity with all those photos. Hilarious! I'm most disturbed by the one where you are just a double head on the floor with no body. Eeeeewwww! 

I hear you are keeping Dad active and making sure he attends to your every need. And that you have also come into season big-time so he has to keep you under close control. Bad timing! Now remember what I told you about those boy dogs - don't believe all the promises they make. They are blinded by your hormones. And your sweet pup-girl face. Such a cutie! 

I don't know if Dad told you yet, but I've had a bit of an accident on this trip. I was on Mount Olssen Bagge at Wilpena Pound and broke my ankle. I had to get 2km back down a really steep track with rock slopes, then wait two days before I could get to a hospital. So now I am in a plaster cast and wondering how I am going to get home. Most terrible is the thought that I won't be able to take you for a walk for weeks and weeks. So poor old Dad is going to be your walk buddy a bit longer. I just hope that you treat me gently and don't barge my crutches. Perhaps I could tie you to the front of a wheelchair and you could pull me around everywhere. That would be fun! 

Anyway, catch you soon girl. Give Dad a big hairy kiss but don't tug his beard so much.  

And big hugs to all our blog buddies too. I'll have a big catch-up when I get back, but hope all is well for you in the meantime. 



  1. Oh no Mojo's mum how unlucky. We've been to Wilpena Pound, it's quite remote out there. Gosh, 2 days to get to hospital....that's crazy. Why did it take so long?
    You'll definitely remember this holiday.

    Noah's Pinky

  2. Oh no! Your poor mom, Mojo! Once she gets back home she'll be needing lots of help from you! Mitch is crying his eyes out to think that some other boy might have his way with you! I'm trying to talk to him but it's not working!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Mojo Gurrrrl!

    Your mama loves you so stinkin' MUCH! You're a lucky dog to have her (and your spy dad too). It sounds like she's going to need you more than ever when she gets home. Please send her big juicy healing goober smooches from me, okay? A broken ankle, on the trail no less! She's intrepid!

    As a boy dale, I can second what your mama says about boy dogs in general. Listen to your dad, and don't give him too much fuss. He's a guy, and while he understands how males think, he doesn't know as much about feminine hygiene products as your mama would. (Do he at least have you wearing a fashionable diaper?)

    Aw, Mojo. You're growing up, chica. Keep us posted on how you are.

    Does the broken ankle mean your mama is coming home early?

    Goober love & smooches,

  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear about mum's ankle. What a nightmare. You'll have to take good care of her when she gets home Mojo, with lots of smoochie cuddles.

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  5. Hi, Mojo!
    We are so sorry to hear about your mom's accident! We hope she recovers soon!
    Take care

  6. Hi Mojo!

    What bad luck to have an accident away from home! I feel for you Mum!
    Missing you & a broken ankle - that's tough!

    Glad to hear you're keeping Dad under control - the photo's had me in stitches.

    Pats & pets

  7. Hi Mojo Mum, I hope that you are feeling better already. It must be a pretty awful experience. Have a speedy recovery.

    Mojo, I can't imagine you pulling your mum's wheel chair around but just in case she let you do that, please make sure that she dun bang into anything or fall of the wheel chair.


  8. Oh dear your poor Mom and so far away from home...she must be so sad to be so far away from you guys! You wil have to be her nurse when she gets home...Love A+A if you need instructions Agatha has a nursing book that she lent to Lacie

  9. soory to hear about your mum's accident..

    i hope she's alright and well taken care of now

  10. OH! Poor ankle!!! Well, I hope you're still enjoying your trip, and taking it easy!!



  11. Mojo, Mojo...

    Oh...we just caught up on ur bloggie...

    First of all...about the "in season" thing...

    Um...I'm not experienced at all...(had that fixit surgery)



    Stay the heck away from them.
    Sometimes a heatin' pad helps if ur feelin' a tad crampy and cranky.
    And a nap.

    Watch ur Dad with that camera. Holy Moly...did he give you two heads? And he's the one responsible for um keepin' ya pupless right now. Hmm...Be careful, Mojo...very careful.

    And your poooooooooor Mom...where in the world is she??? And she broke her ankle. Oh dear. We are sendin' her all our healin' terrier zen. When is she comin' home?

    We'll come back and check on me on my cell if ya need know...girlie kinda stuff...


  12. Hiya Mojo
    Guess what....we got a postcard from your mum today. Sadly she cant come to Leura to visit us but she is having a great time none the less. We'll post a photo of the card soon.

    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  13. Mojo you will have to take care of your Mom when she will be back... I hope she will be with you soon and without a lot of pain...
    Kisses, Faya

  14. Hey Mojo, really sorry to hear about your Mum's accident. I hope she's doing OK! J x