Saturday, 18 August 2007

when sharks attack

Luckily my mum and dad consume plenty of bottles of Stella Artois so that I get to kill the boxes. Funnily enough, they were going to call me Stella, but thought ordering a pint in the pub might get complicated.

I look like one of those snakes that disclocates its jaw to swallow eggs.

Have a close look at my teeth. Extra ones!

The two middle ones are my newies, but the next two are coming through before they have pushed the old ones out. so I have two rows of teeth just like any self-respecting shark.


  1. OmDog -

    Looks like danger Will Robinson....

    Landshark with a cute face....Must warn public.

    You look like Miss Sunshade's Jaffa - don't check out her blog you might get ideas.......

    Have a wonderful weekend ...

  2. OMG I'm staying away from you! Those sharp teeth bring back ouchie memories!

    Love ya lots,

  3. Hey, I found your blog on DWB and I like it! Your teeth are very cool, I wish I had 2 rows! You'd better enjoy them while you have them, soon they'll fall out as the new ones get bigger.


  4. I found you and just thought of pawing by!

    you got new teethies? I have mine too.. my pawrents saved me teeth.. but now I tihnk I swallowed one..


  5. Mojo,

    My mom remembers those teeth - she had scratches all over her arms, hands, and legs from the time that I was teething... little razors they are, she called me the CROCODALE :)

    We only ever found two that fell out, I must have eaten the others.


  6. nice 2 meet u, mojo...another pretty airedale...