Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A first time for everything

You see, the humans of this fine establishment have been meaning to get a dog for years but they just couldn't decide what kind.

The cats, of course, thought this was a very stupid idea.

Eventually the humans realised they needed something with character, brains and a ridiculous moustache, and only an Airedale would do. Ha! They may have been dog owners before - terrier owners too - and they may have had glowing reports from other Dale owners, but nothing could prepare them for sharing their lives with me.

I am Mojo. And I am unique.

And whilst this is their first Aire-time, everything is first time to me. Collars. Leads. Other dogs. Carrots. Rubbish bins (my favourite). So in the spirit of newness, I have convinced my human mum to create a blog, because she is totally clueless and has never done this before. And if she makes a mess, at least it won't stain the carpet.

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