Thursday, 23 August 2007

road trip part 2

As road trip 1 went so well, we had a second run to the sea today. Things got off to a shaky start as I got carsick just a mile or two from our destination. Mum and Dad couldn't work out where the smell of dog food was coming from. In best dog style, I cleared it up for them once we stopped the car - something that makes my Dad feel quite ill. He's trying to block it out of his mind right now.

The walk starts with a huge walk up to the cliff tops. At one point, there is an endless staircase. We got halfway up and Mum yelled "stop, I need to take a shot of this for Mitch".

Mitch, you'd have been an expert by the time you finished this lot. I was made to have a sit down at the top for ten minutes, although I felt ok. I think my parents felt guilty.

What goes up comes down. The beach in the distance is where we started. And, yes, I am heading the wrong way.

Mum lost her hat over the edge of the cliff at the top. Mum and Dad had to stop an old man climbing the fence to try and reach it. He was so excited when we asked if he had a pen-knife to cut the bramble, that he had a rush of adrenaline and thought he was Rambo or something. Thank goodness they stopped him. They nearly lassoed it with a prickly chunk of bramble tied to my extendable lead, but it got blown under a gorse bush and that was that.

The beach was really hot. But I'm not stupid. I stood in Dad's shadow and dug a hole down to cool wet pebbles and had a lie down. Smart, huh?

Eventually I just sat in the sea to cool down. Naughty waves!

I think mum and dad should stop work altogether and take me fun places every day. It's great!


  1. Wow Mojo, that scenery is just beautiful, lucky girl.

    Katy x

  2. Holy moley did you see those stairs! If mom was behind him he could do it! I'm sure of it!
    You have the cutest little butt Mojo! Mom told me to say that! What a fun day you had. The ocean looks so inviting!

    Love ya lots,

  3. i love hiking too....but v only did in d jungle trail here...coz v wan 2 avoid heat as much as possible

    btw..v both had d same blue water bootle

  4. Mojo - you sure had a GREAT time :)

    woofs and puppy arfs,

    Snowy and Crystal

  5. MOJO! That looks like an awful lot of fun... climbing, beach-going... did you like getting in the water? I was pretty darned scared of the water last time I was there...


  6. Dear Mojo,

    You are one lucky puppy to live in such a beautiful area! Your parents definitely need to quit their jobs and take you to such cool places every day.

    I also think you have a cute little butt. I had swirls like that too when I was your age (a couple weeks ago). My mom called me "Hurricane Heinie", whatever that means.

    You are sooooooo adorable!


    P.S. I think it's great that you don't like to waste perfectly good undigested food... but rolling around in dead animals... well, that is a little disgusting!

  7. Hee hee! A very lovely old lady called my bum pattern a butterfly the other day. Nice, huh?

    Anonymous.... who are yooooooo!!! Own up!!

    Wish you were all here to go walkies with me. Such a beautiful place.

  8. mojo...I'd rather go to the beach than have a plastic pool in the yard! But, mine is hard plastic, and even Teka hasn't eaten it yet!