Thursday, 9 August 2007

Moors and 'Dale

It's been the dullest wettest summer ever in Britain apparently. But when the sun finally came to the party this weekend my humans decided to take me up into Dartmoor. This became a bit of a mind-blowing experience as I had my first trip in the car with the roof open:

which was ok I suppose. Not too happy about this seat belt harness arrangement as I always seem to wriggle around until I am tangled up. Note my tail, which is almost never this straight or droopy.

Anyway, it was a big walk up and down hills and footpaths, till we reached a beautiful shallow river. Problem is I hate getting my feet wet. But I got to play with other dogs off the lead for the first time - and soon found that biting their whiskers got me in a lot of trouble:

We had a picnic lunch and a nap in a shady nest of bracken. And then I told my human dad I loved him in the hope he would donate a sandwich or two.

Pretty exhausting stuff. I slept most of the way home, and discovered that my harness would let me stretch far enough to use Dad's knee as a pillow.

What I didn't appreciate is the way the breeze kept giving my tufty head a comb-over. I am not that uncool by choice.

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