Thursday, 23 August 2007

Road trip part 1

The sun is shining and Dad has a lull in his workload, so we're out and about! First stop petrol station. Fill 'er up, Dad.

They took me to the sea! I was less than enthusiastic about seaweed.

And really rather dubious about seawater.

But we met a man from the West of England and South Wales Airedale Terrier Club. He has 5 Airedales - sadly they weren't there - but he talked to us about their upcoming fun day and the grooming classes. Mum and Dad were really interested to hear about that, as they've never had an Airehead like me before and were wondering how they would tame my coat once it gets to tumbleweed stage. I overheard the word stripping and got a little bit worried. Does this involve nudity?


  1. Ooh Mojo, I think I am going to go to the funday as I was planning on going with Oscar and I would like to see all my friends & Oscar's buddies there. It will b hard, but I think I'd like to do it.

    The grooming classes are good, I used to go every month. Good chance for the pups to play as well as learning. They changed the name to trimming class after all the comments!

    Katy x

  2. OMG, Imagine owning 5 Airedales at the same time! I wonder what their ages are! What fun that event will be for you Mojo! I hope you get to go. I hear that stripping is painless but that's only hear-say. I've never had it done to me!

    Love ya lots,

  3. Hey Mojo,

    Stripping isn't that bad, it just takes a loooong time. If you get your fur clipped (which is easier on the humans) it grows in softer and lighter in color, but if you strip it out it stays wiry and dark.

    Mine is stripped but not in a way that a show dog would be - mom uses a rake-like tool to pull out most of my hair in larger amounts at one time. Sometimes I sleep through it, it doesn't hurt. I'm not really fond of having the hair pulled out of my face or on my butt, so mostly mom uses a scissor to trim those when they get unruly.

    I'm not that hairy for an Airedale, I never really get bush-y. Maybe someday...


  4. Katy, it would be amazing to meet you there! I can imagine it will be really tough to see everyone again, but better than losing touch instead.

    Love the idea of it being a trimming rather than a grooming class! Hope they can handle my special brand of hyper-puppy nuttiness.

    Maggie, if there were 5 of me my mum and dad would expire. I bet you two are a force to be reckoned with at times!

    Bogart, sounds like stipping may be bearable, then. Good-o. I have to agree about the bum-fluff and face-fluff; scissors sounds a lot more dignified.