Tuesday, 21 August 2007

bambi legs

I'm beginning to grow into my Bambi legs now. Not only am I more co-ordinated, but I get to go for longer walks. Yesterday mum took me to the next village and back, which was about 3 miles altogether. There seemed to be a lot of dead things around - rabbits and birds - but mum wouldn't let me roll in them. She's seen me and smelt me when I find dead voles and shrews. I tell her it's in my nature, be she still says I stink.

In the evening dad took me out and I met a young Doberman and Ridgeback, and we played a high speed chasing wrestling game that was THE BEST! Hopefully he'll take me out again tonight to find them.

Today mum took me on a new walk to enjoy a burst of sunshine. She tells me that I should make the most of it because she really ought to find herself a job. Apart from minding me, of course, and I don't pay very well.

On this walk, I kept feeling like I was being watched.

Maybe they didn't approve of me snacking on their poo.

I had a splash in a pond and ran around too fast for autofocus again.

And came back along the towpath from the other direction. I even got to stare at some young swans.


  1. Aren't long walkies the best!
    Wow! You're having all kinds of neat adventures!

    Love ya lots,

  2. baaaaaahhhhhhh! Those are cute lambies. Did you know our last name is Lamb? Yep, & Mama's car license plate is BAAAAAA, hehehehehe!
    That sure looks like a great walk you went on.
    Good thing you didn't eat any of those dead critters. You can catch tape worm if you do, ewwwhhhh!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  3. Hello Mojo...this is Gussie and his muzzer. Welcome to DWB and we hope to get to know you better. We enjoyed reading your blog!

  4. Hey Mojo!

    Do you like older men?
    I'm a 6 month old Airedale boy and am totally in love with you! We have so much in common, it's amazing!
    My mom started a blog for me, but then I chewed on her hands so much that she couldn't type anymore and now the whole thing is in shambles. Luckily she has since learned to type with her feet, so maybe she'll get back to helping me with my blog again sometime soon.
    My mom also came up with the name Mojo for me... but then my dad came up with a different name, which has a lot more meaning for them and for me.

    Looking forward to seeing and reading lots more about you, my little cutie-pie!


  5. You were very restrained not to eat the dead stuff (or were you being restrained?!).

    Hope you enjoyed reading back through Oscar's blog. As you xcan see, he was a very typical Airedale (read total clown).

    By the way, have you found the Planet Airedale website? It's a UK website with a forum and is a great place for lots of help, advice and Airedale chat. www.planetairedale.com

    Katy x

  6. Hi Mojo...
    My name is Ruby, nice to meet you. I lurv airedales! Welcome to DWB...you are going to make so many friends here!!! I promise!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  7. Hi, Mojo.
    I love long walkies too but with my short legs I get tired pretty soon!
    Please don't roll over those dead things, you will stink!
    Have a good night