Sunday, 12 August 2007


Here's a few pics of me and my mate Rooster playing. Well, in truth, it isn't really playing. He just isn't in the mood for my style - which he calls "silly bl**dy puppy" - and growls at me every time I try to pull his ears. No fun. He tried to ignore me for days until I showed him my squeaky toys and discovered he is a helpless fool for them. Must be the squeak getting through his deafness.

He even breaks into a run to get them, which is hilarious on his unsteady legs. He walks like a drunk old man, each leg walking to a different rhythm and in a slightly random direction. Problem is, when motivated to run he is as quick as lightning, and once he has my squeaky ball he never ever gives it back.

You can't see in this pic but he is pulling a twitching snarl here. I'm learning to ignore everything he says.

As I mentioned before, he's staying while his family are on holiday. My parents have been borrowing him for years to play with. I expect he is surprised to find me here. Here's how he looked in his prime - the Eyebrow King.

And this is me as an 8-week old pup with their other dog, Sol. Sol is a huge, gentle lurcher whose beard I love to pull. All the time. And his ears. But especially his beard. Sol is staying with someone else but I think we'll have a puppy party when his parents get back from their trip.

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