Wednesday, 15 August 2007

missing Rooster

Rooster has gone back to stay with his family. I'm sure you can hear my huge theatrical sighs of gloom from there.

Things i miss

- I just miss him. Lots.
- I really miss stealing his bed, either just nabbing it for myself and making him sleep on the hard floor, or running off with the blanket and dumping it in the garden.
- I miss us being able to perform 'two lead crucifixion' on mum. You know... when two dogs walking on the lead head in separate directions at different speeds.
- I miss laughing when he is too doddery to cock his leg when peeing.

Things I am glad for

- I get the squeaky dino Cuz all to myself
- I don't have to put up with his snoring

Things I learnt

- Ignore growls and snarls, they don't mean it. Pups get away with murder. Ditto with humans yelling 'no' or 'off'.
- Rooster walks so slowly he gets miles behind on a walk and ignores all calls to come. Which means I can too.
- One for the future: the Rooster treasure hunt. Stand in the middle of the lawn and start to poo. Continue walking while pooing so you leave each bit about 12 foot apart. Remember not to walk in straight lines - mum will have to search when clearing up with the poo shovel.

Things that still puzzle me

- Why the cats are not afraid of him but hide from me?
- Why does he find me so annoying?


  1. Hey, dogbreath, we're not afraid of Rooster because he understands the pecking order round here: cats first, then humans, then dogs. Then stuffed toys. Then puppies.

    But don't make the mistake of thinking we're afraid of you. We just think you smell.

  2. Hello Mojo, what a cutie you are! Welive in SW England too. We lost our beloved 13 month old Airedale Oscar on 28th July. Seeing your little puppy face has made us smile today. We'll be sure to check your blog often. Are you a member of the WESWATC (West England/Wales Airedale Club)? They hold lots of fun events.

    Katy & Martin x

  3. Mojo:

    What a CUTIE you are....we love Airedale pups as long as they go to someone else's house to sleep.

    Too much pup is not good for any of us....

    Rooster will be back to visit????

    You must have your Mum call and ask his Mum to put him on the phone so you guys can talk....

    We'll be back to visit....

  4. Hi, Mojo.
    Sorry Rooster had to leave you! Sure you have many things to think about now!
    I just can imagine that crucifixion thing of your mom!
    Have a good night

  5. Hey Mojo, You're the exact same age that Mitch was when we get him! Seeing your 4 month old puppy pictures brings back memories! You're just so darn cute!

    Love ya lots,