Sunday, 28 October 2007


At last I've got Mum to pull her finger out and sort out the photos from the Airedale Club walk. That was two weeks ago!! So it is kind of old news, but thought you might like to see some of them.

This was another outing with WESWATC (West of England and South Wales Airedale Terrier Club). A lovely lady called Jackie sorted out a route along the River Parrett in the Somerset Levels, from Langport to Muchelney Abbey. There were probably about 20 Airedales there, plus a few other dogs too. Heaven!

The fun begins in the car park


The guy steaming in from the left there is called Dylan (or is it Dillon). I've never met him before but he seemed to end up in nearly every photo Mum took that day. He was fixated on me and Poppy, a girly a little younger than me. Likes the little fillies, methinks. Mum says he's like that boy you meet at the school disco who is really nice but won't let you chat to anyone else all night and you end up trying to hide from him.

It was so funny looking at the expressions of people walking towards us down the path. They really couldn't believe their eyes to see so many Hairydales in one place.

walksep07 (7)

Once we got to the fields, a lot of us were let off the lead. You won't be surprised to learn that I am one of the frontrunning pack leaders.

walksep07 (8)

See the smile on my face? Oh look, there's Dylan again.

walksep07 (5)

Did someone mention river?

walksep07 (4)

And Willow (front left) was groomed to perfection ready for a show. Here she has a quick snack of cow poo to brighten her teeth before going for the mud therapy.

The cows on the other riverbank got in the swing and kept pace.

walksep07 (9)

I suppose we were quite an arresting cavalcade.

walksep07 (11)

Mummy cleans up after me. Oh, and there's Dylan supervising.

walksep07 (15)

We paused by the second bridge, and Dylan was, shall we say, omnipresent. So I thought I'd show him a wrestling move or two. It takes a while to figure this picture out, but I have my jaws upside down with his left ear held in a killer grip.

walksep07 (20)

Thing is, he just didn't mind. I suppose he thought it was the way to my heart. Doesn't he realise that teenage girls can be terribly cruel to nice but clingy boys?

Once at Muchelney Abbey we made ourselves comfortable in the lovely grassy courtyard.

walksep07 (31)

walksep07 (35)

I got to play my special trick on a few grown Dales. You know, the one where you lie down in a submissive posture, get 'em to all come in and look closely at you... then snap grab 'em.

walksep07 (37)

Afterwards I apologised, of course. The smaller pup on the left of this picture is Poppy. You may remember her from the Airedale Fun Day pics I posted a while back - she was the puppy completely wrapped in toilet paper.

walksep07 (40)

Poppy is a cutie, and along with my best mate Ruby, we're the youngest pupsters here. For some reason I haven't got pics of Ruby from this walk though. Very annoying, as she is looking so great. She has a great jaunty bossy walk that makes her completely adorable. Ah well, it'll have to wait till our next gathering.

So there you go. Airedale overload. What always amazes my parents is how so many feisty Airedales can be in one place without trouble. Sure, the males sometimes make a big noise at each other, but it is all showing off. I've got more pics on my Flickr account if you want.

One last thing. You may remember this pic of the lovely Nigel that I met at the Fun Day back in September:


I learnt that he has since passed away. I've only heard the details through others, but I believe he had a tumour that suddenly caused him to be desperately ill. He was such a lovely boy that I feel very sad, especially for his family. He is currently on the Wikipedia page for Airedales, so has a little posthumous fame.


  1. I love those photos of you all together - what a great day out! And what a beautiful photo of your poor Dale friend who has now passed away - what a lovely boy he was. We have also been to Lustleigh - there are lots of ponies there aren't there? It is such a pretty spot and you went on a day with great weather. The woods we were bounding around in were at Killerton just North West of Exeter - it is the perfect place for a good run around. We haven't been to Haldon Hills ourselves but we hear that our mummy used to go there a lot when she was younger - sounds like a good place too. Yes, we really must find a time when we can all play together - it would be great!! You can see how mad my little sister Gertrude is - she's a bit of a looney even now she is over 1 year old! I bet you are far more dignified, even at 6 months..... Love from your pal Molly xx

  2. Nothing is more beautiful than an airedale..... exept a lot of airedales !
    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend...
    Kisses, Faya

  3. What a fantastic day out, to meet up with other Dales. We love going to club meetings and walks as well. Great photos.

    We are very sad to read about your friend crossing to the rainbow bridge.

    Molly and Taffy

  4. What a lot of fun for you, Mojo and yes, we did check out your Flickr page for lots more fuzzy butt shots! You really got to go off-leash? That's awesome!
    We're so sorry to hear about Nigel. He was sure one handsome boy!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Hi

    Am always soo amazed to see so many Aires. Till I encountered Oscar, didn't know one...
    And, my city doesn't have a single pup, or @ least one I've seen!

    Pats & pets

  6. Ma is so sad to hear about Nigel, she says, like you, that he was a fantastic boy.

    Looks like you had a great walk. I will come next time, I'm not car sick any more! I spotted my new pals Ralf and Molly. I met them for a walk the other day.

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  7. Thanks Mojo for showing us the wonderful pics. It's always great to see a pack of dales together.
    Wish we could have joined you but you know, distance and all that!

    We're sorry to hear of your friend Nigel.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

  8. Hi Mojo,

    What a wonderful Airedale walk! You guys looked like you had so much fun! Love all the pups swimming and playing. Nothing beats an event with lots of Airedales!!
    So sorry to hear about your friend Nigel. He was quite the handsome gent. May he run free forever!

    Your pal,

  9. Hi, Mojo
    Thannks for sharing all those pictures of yur meeting! Sure those are lots of Airdales together!
    Sorry to hear about Nigel. Sure his family must be very sad.
    Have a good night

  10. Hi Mojo!

    I've never seen so many Airedales at one go! Wow! Glad to see you at the barkday pawty. You were really scawie with the glowing look. *Giggle*


  11. Wow does that look like fun!! GREAT moves on your part(Archie is trying to write them down for future use)What a lovely place to walk and with all you guys together!!!!!!!!What a lovely site!!!Love A+A

  12. Hey Mojo, your walk looks like it was great fun. There is nothing better than having so many Airedale's together!
    We are sorry to hear about Nigel crossing the Rainbow Bridge.
    Ellie and Harley

  13. Hey SPLAT Mojo, you have just been hit by a Snowball in the snowball fight.......

    We hope you are good at throwing snowballs.

    Ellie and Harley

  14. Mojo
    That looks like puwe Airejoy!!
    A bootiful setting made even nicew by the wesence of so many gowgeous airekids..I'm vewy sad to heaw about Nigel..hope he's playing with my fwiend Oscaw in heaven
    smoochie kisses

  15. You have such a fun outing. Isn't it nice to be able to gather with so many friend of the same breed?

    I am sorry to read about the passing of you aire friend. May he be happy and make lots of friends over at the Rainbow Bridge.


  16. Ahem...Dales...OMD...a Wire woulda been in that river and across it to chase those cows. Absolutely...cept if this Wire got a little sidetracked by some cow poop...hmm...I'd probably have to at least try it!
    What a great day, you all had. I wish we could have at least a terrier day. How fun would that be!
    Sorry to hear bout ur friend Nigel. Seems like he was a really nice dog. It never gets any easier, does it Mojo???

    Wiry barks, Scruffy
    Great dale posterior shots!

  17. wat a fun outing wit all ur hairyDale frens...

    i alwiz enjoy my jungle trekking too....but not with a bunch of black dogs...

  18. I'm so glad I came across your blog, you have great photos of so many beautiful dogs! That walk looks like so much fun.

    William Tell

  19. Hey Mojo, it's always pawsome to see so many terriers together. If it had been all WFTs all hell would have broken loose! Hehehe! I think Hairydales are a bit more civilised! J x

  20. Hi Mojo
    what fun we had on that walk. I think it might be me in one of those pics, it looks like me with my bald ears ( thanks to Ruth) What terrible news about Nigel I got on so well with him at the fundau. I will miss him. I miss you too, lets get together again real soon.


  21. Oh Mojo,
    We're so sorry to hear about Nigel. So sad, but we hope he didn't suffer much.
    So many airedales in one place. How could you stand it?? hehehehe! Mama would have had to hug everyone of them & take them all home.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  22. Mojo!

    It totally looks like Aire heaven! Maybe you could have a little talke with Dylan... you know. Let him down gently?

    So sorry to hear about Nigel. It sounds like what happened to him is very similar to what happened to my buddy, Dovah, a little over a month ago. Extra goob hugs for his peeps.

    Goober love and smooches,

    Pee Ess
    Your dad did a great job with his cover as "father of a teenage Airegirl" for the day. You could hardly tell he was undercover. (How long HAS he been a spy?)