Wednesday, 3 October 2007

got my mojo working

Stanley made the comment that I know how to work the camera, and I thought I should share a few of my techniques.

First lesson:
know where the camera is at all times. In this shot I wasn't paying attention.

(Please note that Dad has started to pull Airedale frowns even when he is perfectly happy. heh heh.)

I quickly corrected my error and stood closer to the camera in this shot, thereby making my Dad look tiny and myself look grand. Note the noble stare into the distance to show off my profile. (Please ignore my curly tail. If you call me a pug I'll steal your dinner for the next week.)

Second lesson:
Wide angle is good. See here where I am destroying the sports section of the Sunday paper that Dad is trying to read? How big do I look. Positively huuuge.

Whereas here I look like a normal sized pup again. Of course, it helps having a plump mum because she always makes me look good.

There's another story behind these shots. Mum is holding the remote control for her camera to have a practice with it. And the train station pics are her heading off to Exeter for the day to go to the museum. Someone noticed some of her old photos on Flickr and has invited her to take part in a photographic exhibition. Wow was she excited. She's a complete amateur and has never done anything like this before. It's one of a few things planned to happen while the museum closes for refurbishment. Anyway, she has been taking lots of shots today and is going back on Friday. The curators are kindly unlocking some of the cases too. She's like a kid let loose in a sweetie shop!

Of course, I was less than impressed by her leaving me for the day, even if I did have Dad at home. When we picked her up from the train station I ignored her all the way home in the car. But then once inside I went nuts! I suppose I ought to show her a bit of affection now and then.

Anyway, I digress.

Camera lessons.

One day soon I am going to show you my Blurpup collection. They are splendid. I also have a collection called Terrier Butt, which I should arrange in chronological order; let's call it Terrier Butts Through the Ages. And I have a special technique called Headless Pup which is great for winding up the photographer.

Watch this space.


  1. You really do have a knack with the camera your work!


  2. You are very photogenic, Mojo! Yes, you sure do know how to work that camera!

    Love ya lots,

  3. thanks for d tips...

    but sometimes i think that looking away from d camera looks more cool...

    tat's according to my owner....

  4. Ok, Mojo!

    In that first photo your dad looks like some secret agent guy who just got his cover blown. You, on the other paw, are cool and in the moment.

    Thanks for enlightening us on your camera techniques. I'll file those away for future use.

    Can't wait for your photo essays... especially Terrier Butts through the Ages. Boy, I could probably do my own photo essay on that. My girl is infatuated with the south end of northbound terrier butts.

    Congrats to the mama!

    Goob love,

  5. What is it with you tail ? It is a perfect tail !
    Kisses, Faya (with a same tail)...

  6. Mojo...ur growing, Honey!! Don't think we'd do well on a seesaw...I'd never be able to touch the ground! Love the photo lessons! Post the butt pix....Sunshade will enjoy them...she's terrier obsessed bout booties!!!!!

    Scruffy barks!!!!!

  7. Wow now that Stanley mentions it,he does look like a secret agent!!! You look utterly cool!! Amazing how you can look wicked(a Boston term) big and then wicked small....Too cool!! We want to see the butt shots!!!! woo hoo! Congrats to Mom!Love A+A

  8. Mojo you really are sooooo clever all that knowledge about camera angles and close up shots! We are truly impressed.

    Molly and Taffy

  9. Hi Mojo,

    wow - did you go on a train? We went on a train to the beach and it was great fun! Thanks for your message on our blog - why oh why does our daddy have to be working night-shifts this week so we can't go to the SW Airedale walk??? Apparantly he'll be too tired to go and needs to sleep all day...?? Thakks for letting us know about it though! ps - how old are you now? When is your 1st birthday? And where did you come from?
    Love Molly and Gertrude

  10. ps - Ah - just realised that YOU didn't go on the train - hard luck! But we live in Exeter! Yippee!
    pps - your mum isn't plump by the way.

  11. Your dad is growing a beardy like yours perhaps he wants to be like you with the dale frown.hahahaha

    yes you definately know how to get the best out of the photo's your in but then us dales always steal the show.

    caz and ludo

  12. That's great! I should put my pics on flikr. I wonder if someone would recruit me to be a doggie supermodel. You should totally be one, but only for enormous dogs because you are clearly a giant boy.


  13. Hey Mojo - do you live anywhere near Dulverton?? Email us if you'd rather not disclose personal info here!

    See ya,

    Molly and Gertrude

  14. Mojo, This is Ezzy Rider from Roswell, Georgia another Dalebuddie
    You are so cute and very photogenic. I am so glad to meet another Dale and a new friend