Thursday, 25 October 2007

o'er hill and dale

My parents keep saying that they wanted a dog to share their walks but so far, because I'm a young pup, they haven't really taken me on a big one. Last week, though, it was Dad's birthday and a glorious warm sunny day - quite exceptional for this time of year - so off we went.

We went to a village called Lustleigh Cleave on the edge of Dartmoor. It's a very chocolate-box village, and the walk is fantastic. It is five miles, just right for a pup like me, and goes through mossy woodland, over open moorland, and back through more forest. Most of the trip is ideal for me to be off lead.

Here's the start of the woods. It's like a fairy glade, all mossy boulders and dappled light. I went nuts and just ran up and down the hill. My mum was too puffed from going up hill to call me too much.

I was so thrilled to be there I ran ahead further than usual, but I kept coming back when called so that was ok. But when we got to the top, I disappeared for a while. And came back looking troubled. I even barked over my shoulder. So they put me on the lead and continued, and this is what we found:
a wild pony! I was a bit freaked out by this and kept muttering, but we got past ok. Only to meet this young one blocking the path:

How cute is that hairdo?
Dartmoor ponies are quite small and tubby, and by the time we got past a whole herd of them I accepted that they were pretty chilled out. Dad was fretting that they would mug him for the apples in his bag.

Anyway, once past the ponies I was off again leading the way. I match the bracken, don't you think? Hurry up, you two.

We spotted these, and think they are very poisonous. Mum was kneeling in pony poo while taking this shot. Silly mummy.
Back on the lead again. They just don't trust me with livestock. How cute are those calves? They are a breed called Belted Galloway.
Taking a breather. the high moorland of Dartmoor is just visible in the distance.
The return trip through a lovely forest. Mum wanted a photo of me enjoying myself but I just kept turning round and telling her to hurry up. I had no trouble following the path, even though at times it seemed very faint to the humans.
I've realised that I am beautifully camouflaged for autumn. Everywhere was strewn with birch leaves and they were almost as golden as me.
I have to admit I was tired after this walk. In fact, I was tired for a couple of days. Apparently if I had paced myself instead of running up and down the hill for the first mile I would have been much better. But I'm up for this walking malarky any time they offer it. yippeee!


  1. Gosh Mojo, you are looking grown up all of a sudden!

    That looks a lovely walk, and those ponies are quite sweet, though you wouldn't want a kick from one of them I'm sure.

    Did you hear? I'm to have a young brother to hang off my beard!

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  2. I bet that is a poison mushroom because it's so pretty! I hope you didn't take a bite out of it, Mojo!
    What a pretty spot for a long walkie!

    Love ya lots,

  3. Hey Mojo,
    Those are fabulous pictures of you and the woods. You had such a great day & a lovely place for a long walkie. Are those ponies wild all over?? They seem pretty tame. Have a great week!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  4. We agree with Harry!! You are looking more like a big boy! That walk looks like a walk in heaven!!! We would LOVE it!! You really do blend in well! Oh if only we could come and walk it with you!!!Ah well we will live through your walks!! Love A+A

  5. Wow! I would give anything to live in such a glorious place as you. If I pack a bag and promise to be good, will you let me move in?

  6. Hi, Mojo
    Happy Belated Birthday for your Dad!
    That looks like a great place for a big walkie! Lucky you! Here is all desert!
    Have a good night

  7. Hiya Mojo,
    Glad you got to go on a big walk. What nice scenery and what a surprise to see those wild ponies. They do seem a little on the chubby side, I guess they know how to take care of themselves.
    Hopefully you'll get to go walkies again real soon.

    Have a great weekend.

    Your aussie maties
    Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

  8. Mojo

    How exciting your walk was, meeting all the wild ponies and exploring new countryside.

    You are a very lucky pup to live near such a lovely part of the country.

    Molly and Taffy

  9. Bring a pen and paper and come to our blog...we're writing limericks for Stella, Stan's new sissy...

  10. Aren't hikes just hte best thing ever!!! We love to go on ours. next time your mum kneels in horse poo, just use your mouth to scoop it out of the way--that will really get her going! (We do that and our mum yells at us to not eat the horse cookies!)

    ruff ruff
    Sadie & Boatey

  11. Mojo looks like you had a lovely walk. Not sure about that mushroom it looks very pretty - but best not try to eat it!

    The Thugletsx

  12. Mojo!!

    That was one COOL walk. And, once again, your dad is looking very MI-5, even out in the wilds.

    Love the chubby ponies! You must have been very good around them for them to stay to calm. What do you MEAN your peeps don't trust you around livestock? Looks like you pass to me.

    Goober love,

  13. Hey Mojo, what a wonderful walk! Hope your Dad had a great birthday. Did you get cake? J x

  14. Mojo,

    WOW, it looks just like a fairy tale. I am so jealous tht you live near all of that! I don't get to experience too much nature since I live in a big city, but if I could, that is soooo what I would want to hike in. Glad you had so much time. Hopefully you are all rested up now!

    Your pal,