Wednesday, 10 October 2007


I was over at the wonderful Sophie's blog, and saw her post about keyword searches. It seems that someone found her blog by Googling for "blind squirrel rum", which is about as weird as you can get.

Or so I thought.

Want to know what keyword combinations have led folks here to my blog? Here are my favourite oddities:

In third place: "Airedales and seaweed"

It's odd, but not unfeasable

In second place: "baa baa sheep mug"

Ok, that is mighty strange. Why would someone end up at my blog for that? What is a baa baa sheep mug? And does it have any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three mugs full.

But in first place of surreality: "bambi go baa"

Someone needs to help me on this. Why??? Why this??? Why me???


  1. You're right Mojo, I googled Bambi go baa and your blog came up in second place. I guess it picked up on the word 'Bambi' written in one of your posts. It is very weird though.

    Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

  2. I found your blog via Flickr as I am hoping to get an adorable Airedale next year. Wonderful stories and pictures. I can see the 'fun' to come ..... !

  3. Some hoomans have just too much time on their hands, Mojo!

    Love ya lots,

  4. Hiya Jackie! Well, you've got loads of time to get your blog ready for when your hairy whirlwind arrives! Careful, though. If you read too many Airedale blogs you will find the overwhelming need to get a pup this week, not next year. We kinda get you like that.

    hairy hugs

  5. Mojo!

    I have no IDEA why hoomans are googling some of these things. Your guess is as good as any.

    From the comments, it looks like you are inspiring future Airedale lovers as well as the current ones!

    Goob love,

  6. Hey Mojo...Jackie can have Lacie...Lacie thinks she's a Dale who doesn't get fed enough. Hmm...Mumsie's gonna have to unground her as her fixit surgery is Friday. Can u imagine her calling the vet and saying the dog's grounded for misbehavior with an antique fox terrier at a campout in Iowa? Mumsie figured she'd better get Lacie fixed quick before she and Dunstan have pups with wheels. Weird dog, that one. Not sure if Big Bruvver has chest felt stubbly down there! Think he might be clippering. Bambi go baa could be misinterpreted by some. Sorta sounds like a bad movie on HBO! Have a Daley day, Moj!!!!!


  7. Yeah, I collected a list of some pretty odd ones from Oscar's blog. Never got around to posting them though. There were quite a lot about poop?!?!?!?

    Katy x

  8. ur creative...

    i don't think any1 will hv baa baa sheep mug...

  9. Mojo,

    That is strange, indeed. Maybe you should launch an investigation.

    Koobuss Kisses,

  10. Hi, Mojo
    You would not believe the strange things that people looks for!
    Yes, they have too much time on their hands!
    Have a good night

  11. Mojo,
    I have linked you to my new blog. love,Neko

  12. Hahaha - that's a funny one :)


  13. For some reason PL2 thinks bambi go bah is terribly funny and is laughing it up!! Hoomans...who can ever figure them out?????Love A+A