Tuesday, 16 October 2007

best ever toy

look what I've got...

At last! Revenge for all the ones that run away up trees.

It's even got two squeakers in it so it screams for mercy in two tones. Not that I ever show it mercy.

Every now and then I let it rest so I can get round to killing it again.

It spooks the humans when I leave it lying somewhere unexpected as it looks so realistic. Good job our cats aren't grey or the parents would be having heart attacks.

I thought I would give you a closer look at my fantastic face fur. Tentacles 'R Us.

It's the one remaining bit of black puppy fur and Mum just can't bear to get rid of it. Plus, the eyebrows are astonishing, don't you think? Problem is, there's too much fuzz in the way and Mum says that could be why I never look her in the eye. So she's getting rid of it soon. Boo.


  1. yippee Mojo - so it WAS you!! Our daddy didn't say hello because he is shy - K probably would have but she wasn't there. Also, when he told us he had seen a young Airedale we were really excited and K said 'I wonder if it was Mojo??' Daddy hadn't thought of this and that's another reason he didn't come over to say hi. So we did a bit of detective work and after questioning daddy about who you were with and what you all looked like we concluded it must have been you! Were you born in Devon or elsewhere?
    Anyway - we love your squirrel, he is very realistic and must be fun to kill over and over again. In response to your comment about our teddy bear, we have posted a photo on our blog (right-hand side, 4 photos down)of me - Molly - with our 'Airedale-like' bear. We think he is actually a wire-hair fox terrier, but when we found him at an antique shop his tag said 'Airedale' on it - what do they know, eh?

    Love Molly and Gertie

    ps - the reason we asked about Dulverton is because we are taking a holiday in November in a VW camper van and we will probably spend some of the time there before going further North to Exmoor and the North Devon coast! How exciting!

  2. Waouw it realy looks like a real ... "├ęcureuil"....squirrel (thank you AltaVista..)...
    I love the last picture.... you are the cutest....
    Kisses, Faya

  3. Hey Mojo,

    I've got a squirred stuffy too - I like to throw mine in the air before I pounce...

    Don't worry, that bit of black fuzz will be gone soon enough - I had a LOT of it left and now I'm all tan!


  4. Mojo!!

    I love your tentacles. It looks like my catbro, Merv, has been working on your 'do.

    Bummer about the upcoming grooming. My girl lets my eyebrows stay extra long when she grooms me, and my snout hair too. It does make it hard for her to tell if I'm ever looking her in the eye. I look like a hairy old grandpa most of the time.

    Goob love,

  5. That squirrel looks so much fun Mojo. Means you can get in more practice before going after the live version!

    Eyebrows.... we love them, make you look so dignified.

    Molly and Taffy

  6. Mojo, you are just too cute. Look at that little face, I can't imagine it killing a squirrel. We love your puppy fur. Try to hang onto it as long as you can.

    Hugs from your pals
    Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

  7. You will never have eyebrows as big as mine young Mojo! I love your face tendrils, very cute.

    Hey, ma says are you going to grooming on Sunday? She says I can go along to meet everyone, but I don't have to have any grooming done, excellent! I'll let you sniff my muscle butt!

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  8. Hi, Mojo
    I almost forget about my comment reading Harry's! Ha!
    You squirrel looks real! Sure you are having lots of fun with it!
    Are you a squeaky killer??
    Have a good night

  9. Hey Mojo,
    We have that same squirrel too! Isn't it fun to pounce on & toss??
    We luv your eyebrows. Mama always hates to cut Snickers' eyebrows & eyelashes when she does her hair but they just get too long. Plus your puppy hair can't last forever right??
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  10. Mojo,We have that same squirrel!! It lasted 12 nanoseconds before we had to kill it!! Love A+A

  11. Gosh, Moj...at first I thought you wrote Testicles R'Us...I've heard the word, but I'm not sure what it means. Anyway,ur puppy black fur is so cute. My face is almost blond now...Scruffy has ONE piece of black beard that has never gone away. Mumsie keeps thinking he has gunk in his beard, but it's just his puppy fur. Love ur brows...they're taking on a life of their own!! Love the squirrel...we have one too. The best toy we had was an enormous latex pig that squealed horrible when bitten...Scruffy ate it...never found another...

    Whoa...Harry's feeling more comfy with the bloggers, isn't he!!

    Lakie licks, Lacie

  12. I wanted to tag you as there is a big snow ball fight going on in 2oo7 and you have been hit come to my blog and see how to play. Sorry i had to post here, but you don,t have a chat box like me or i would have put it in there. Happy snow balling.