Monday, 1 October 2007

thanks and apologies

I just want to say thanks to everyone for all their comments recently. It's absolutely fantastic to hear from you all. Here's my apology, though. I just haven't had chance to catch up with everyone this last week. I feel really bad about it as it looks so rude, and you are all so much fun to hang out with.

I blame Mum who is a bit distracted of late. She invited her dad down to stay, and then Dad invited his mum and dad down too. So it has been really mad in here recently and no-one is going near the computer. Which means I'm neglecting you all. Sorry!

Oddly enough, I don't have any photos of me with any of my grandparents. Mum is losing her touch, I think. But I've had a great time. Grandpa P has a fabulous beard so I felt somehow strangely connected to him somehow. And he's an absolute pushover as far as dog discipline is concerned, so I loved him lots. It only took a puppy stare to get a donation of his food. And he let me climb on the sofa so I could stand on his shoulders and munch the top of his head. Fabulous! Sadly he has that fragile old person skin so my careless tooth activity made him bleed lots. Wherever Grandpa P went, I wanted to be. So for the first time ever I whined when put in my crate for the night, and come morning time I totally ignored Mum and Dad to hang out with Grandpa. Ha! That'll serve them right for trying to exert discipline on me.

Grandpa T and Grandma S were much more switched on about puppies, so I was much better behaved. Although knocking over Grandma's walking stick was lots of fun.

When they all left, I was so miserable.

Especially as Mum now thinks she should continue with that hair-pulling thing she started last week.

Here's a pic of me as a woolly mammoth a few weeks ago. This is my 'I want a walk but I don't like my harness' look.
And this is me trying to get really close to Grandma's buttered toast. See my silly naked ears? Now you can see how one is all perky and one is all floppy. How undignified.
There's a long way to go yet on this grooming thing. Apparently I'll get a lot more naked yet. Uh oh.


  1. Mojo we will always love you whatever you look like.....
    ... did you get that piece of toast ?
    Kisses, Faya

  2. I love the way you're sitting on the steps, Mojo! You are just adorable! I wish that we could sit on the steps together!

    Your blushing friend,

  3. Wow, what a lucky girl to have all those grandparents to spoil you.

    Your ears really don't look that naked you know.

    Check out our big news when you have time ;-)

    Katy xxx

  4. Mojo,

    I don't like this grooming stuff either. Three weeks ago my mom gave me a haircut and I am now just starting to look cute again. It took that long. But I must say shorter is better in the heat!

    You are a real cutie, long hair or no hair!!

    Koobuss Kisses,

  5. Hi, Mojo
    Grandparents are great! Sure you love yours a lot!
    I love that picture of you on the stairs!
    Have a good night

  6. Don't worry Mojo, everyone is busy now and again, that's just life. You do look very cute sitting on the steps. The woolly look suits you.

    Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

  7. Hi Mojo! You are such a cute dog! We love that picture of you on the stairs! Sounds like you're doing a great job training your peeps! If you want some more tips you can check our blog out, especially the "training" post, August 7. Have a fun time!

  8. Hello Mojo,

    Nice to meet ya! You are such a cute little teddy bear, and you certainly sound like AN AIREDALE with all the stunts you pull and a couple of well trained hoomans! A girl after my own heart!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  9. Mojo Girl!

    You know how to work the camera (and, apparently Grandpa P too). I think you'll be cute no matter what they do to you, but make sure they leave your beard. We're having a beard growing contest until the first of the year, and I just know some Dale is going to win it. I'm posting more about it this week.

    Goober love & sympathy,

  10. We like the 1/2 ear adds character!! Love A+A

  11. time u shld remind ur mummy to snap your pic together with grandparents

  12. Hello there little lady. Frightfully pleased to "meet" you as it were. I'd be charmed to actually meet you on this walk you talk about. I'll be the perfect gent I assure you.

    Toodle pip,

    Harry x

  13. Mojo you look lovely all woolly. You will look very pretty after an airecut I am sure.


  14. Mojo!

    Hey Dog!! Mitchie's flirting with you, Girl! You're a cute pup in any photo! Check out our blog for defurring pix...Scruffy was bad!


  15. Oh Mojo -
    my ears are BOTH floppy, so don't worry! Molly's ears on the other hand are super duper so she's all right. But I like your ears :)