Sunday, 14 October 2007

I didn't give permission for summer to be over

Something odd is happening round here. Things are getting colder, there are leaves everywhere and sometimes I hesitate momentarily before I wade into the canal.

They're calling this autumn. But as I was born in April, I've got used to summer being the normal arrangement of my universe. And I want it back please.

I want the back door left open so I can wander in and out freely, instead of having to ask someone to open the door. As often as I like. Without questions about whether I really need to.

I want it to still be light past 9 o'clock so I can hang out on the patio and watch the pigeons go by, idly eating compost from the plant pots and plucking the occasional succulent snail from some shady arbor.

I want to be able to crash out on the lawn and sleep in comfort.

I wish it was still plum season so I could stuff my hairy little face under the trees in the orchard. Although those plum stones are not so comfy when they reach the end of their journey, so to speak.

I wish my parents still fell asleep sunbathing so I could Aire-bomb them without warning. They are so cute when they squeal and flail their arms around.

I might have to torture Dad to see if he'll bring summer back. I know, I'll do that thing where I pin him down and squeak my giraffe right down his ear.

Apparently autumn has only just started. And it will be followed by something called winter. They tell me it won't be fun and snowy and stuff, because here in Devon all we get is months of grey, dull, rainy days. Perhaps I should go and play with some friends instead. Mexico sounds nice - I could drop in on Lorenza for her birthday. Then hang out in Australia with Noah and his sissies. Oh yeah, and then go see Pacco in Malaysia!

Just imagine if we could all do a world tour of everyone we knew to follow the best weather. We could use the member list on Dogs With Blogs to discover new friends to drop in on. Want to visit Argentina? Let's go see Gorda. New Zealand sounds fabulous. Let's go play with Burbon.

Sounds like a great tag game, don't you think?


  1. Just wait till you get to play in the snow, Mojo! You're going to LOVE it! It's so fun to bury your face in it and tuckbuttrun in it! I can't wait for winter!

    Love ya lots,

  2. Hi, Mojo
    Sure you are welcome to live here while the summer comes back to your place! Our winter here is not so cold and even we have sunny days! Sure you will be happy here!
    Like you, I love to squeak my toys in my mom's ears! I don'k know why she doesn't find it very funny!
    Have a good night

  3. Hey Mojo,
    We'd love you to drop by. You can share our baskets and have some chicken legs for breakfast. It's going to be pretty warm here soon. Summer is on its way.
    Good luck with winter. Maybe you could get yourself a little jacket to keep you warm on walks.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

  4. Mojo ! You will see...winter is the best season.... because of snow ! First time I saw snow I was afraid (ok only 2 minutes) but after.... you will see Mojo, you won't go inside anymore...
    Kisses, Faya

  5. Oh Mojo...u are brillant...I'm having the same problems you are...the grass is cold on my feetsies when I go out in the morning. It's so dark on our nightly walks, now. And Scruffy keeps talking bout snow. What is it anyway? He said Mumsie does something called snow shoveling on the steep driveway. He sez if you pull the fur on her boots in just the right fashion in a good game of tugs, she tumbles right to the ground, screaming "Scruffy, I am going to brain you with this shovel." Scruff can't wait for winter, Mumsie is dreading it. I'm with you....let's go to Mexico, and all places warm!!!


  6. I'm quite enjoying this cool weather. Being black & big boned in the summer is tough on an old guy!

    Wait till you see what comes next....SNOW!! Then the fun starts.


  7. i'm glad that my country malaysia came across ur mind...

    let me tell u something, we had summer throughout the year...tat's d only weather we had here...

    n i had yet to experience autumn, winter n spring...

    tat's d reason why i look overly tan like a charcoal....hahahah

  8. Mojo, you are soooo right! I've been wearing hoodie sweaters cause it's getting too cold for me! Grrrrrr. I miss summer too!



  9. Mojo Chica!

    I understand why you're doing it, but you're bad-mouthing my favorite time of year. I get all wiggly when I feel the breeze turn cool. And, I get even feistier and all sassy because I don't overheat.

    Just try to roll with it, sister. Maybe your parents can take you to see some snow wants winter gets here. I had the same transition you did, just a year ahead. I'm an April Dale too.

    BTW, you look like you're giving your spy-dad a heart attack! Is that photo staged, or do you really DO THAT to him?

    Goober love & empathy,