Wednesday, 28 November 2007

wash 'n go

Rivers and open spaces are heaven to a dog.

(Mum here: never realised I had such a weird voice when talking to Mojo. Ho hum)

Strange walk, this one. On the way out, we saw virtually no-one. Oh, apart from one big black labrador who came out of nowhere, wrestled me to the ground, peed up a tussock of grass then ran off again into the distance. Kind of like an alien visitation.

On the way back, though, it was like someone had flicked a switch and all the humans had come to life. I guess they had all finished their Sunday roast and thought they had better walk the dogs before it got dark. It became a pooch party. So many dogs! Big, small, hairy, smooth, young, old. We'd form temporary packs then move off in different directions, then form a new pack somewhere else. My favourite was a young retriever girl called Truffle. Even her name nearly rhymes with wrestle!

So anyway, my advice is this: if you want a great run around with loads of other dogs, go to Uffculme on a winter Sunday for about 3.30pm.


  1. I wish I was there to run and play with you, Mojo! You made it look like so much fun!

    Yer friend,

  2. Isn't it fun to be able to meet up with so many firends to play?

    Hope that you will get to meet them again next Sunday.


  3. Mojo Girlie!

    It is obvious to me that you would be a master wrasslin' partner. We could get into some major bitey face too, if given the chance.

    Your mysterious dark lab friend is probably a spy, just like your dad, and made a dead-drop there in the field for him. (Did you notice your dad picking anything up before you left the area?) Very nice how your dad faked even knowing that dog. He's a cool one, your dad... oh yes. He is.

    Your mama doesn't sound any SILLIER than my girl does when she gets all excited at us, or worse, when she's talking to Merv (out cat). But, it is startling for the hoomans to find audio evidence of their obssession with us. hehehe (Kind of funny too).

    Goober love,

    Pee Ess
    I love watching any vid of you!

  4. Looks like fun, Mojo!

    Your friend, Lenny

  5. Hey Mojo, looks like a fun walk. The water must have been FREEZING! There's no way I would have gone in there. Not even for peanut butter. J x

  6. PL2 always thinks she sounds really weird(or like a dork as she says) on the video. We agree with Stanley. OBVIOUSLY a spy making the "drop". Your Dad is one cool dude Mojo....Love A+A

  7. Mojo, It's Sophie Brador here. WE need to talk, but don't tell my mom. I have decided to come live with you. Your outside looks way better than my outside, so I'm packing my bag right now. Every time mom is looking the other way, I stuff more kibbles in my bag. Well, I eat some of them too, but most of going in the bag. Then I'm going to buy a plane ticket, put on some lipstick and head for the airport. I'm pretty sure I can pass as my mom. Okay, so can you meet me at the airport on your end? I don't think I'll have time to hit a currency exchange before having to pee when I get off the plane.


  8. We thought in that first video clip that you were going to run off into the wild blue yonder but you're such a good girl you came back unlike some other airegirls that I know.


    (Denise: Ummm, excuse me Noah, who was the one that disappeared in the bush recently for 40 mins...)

  9. Hi, Mojo
    You look happy in those videos!
    thanks for sharing them!
    Weird black dog!
    Have a good night

  10. Me wants to come to Uffculme to run around and around with you Mojo, whee! We can be waving our curly tails together!

    Cassidy x

  11. too funny! That happens to me a lot a the dog park...random dog run-in's.

    Looked like fun though!


  12. Hey Mojo, that looks like FUN! I'd love to run around with ya sometime...


  13. Hi Mojo,

    That looked like so much fun! It's gotten too cold to play in the water here (at least that's what Mom says). Glad to see you can still frolic about!

    Your pal,

  14. truffle reminds me of something that can be eaten

  15. Check out my blog, Mojo! We have an award for you and your mom!

    Love ya lots,

  16. Hahahahahahha what a strange black lab obviously that was a nice blade of grass and he must have sniffed it out a long way away.

    Ludo your pal

  17. Hello MOjo

    How are you doing?

    Molly and Taffy

  18. Mojo....where ya been???????? Eating too many Christmas cookies??? Miss you!!!!!


  19. Where are you, Mojo??!!

    I'm having MWS (Mojo Withdrawl Syndrome)! Merry Christmas, sweet girlie!

    Goober love,
    Stanley & Stella