Thursday, 22 November 2007


Finally we have video. Mum installed a firewire card in her computer this morning so at last we can get video off the camera. She didn't blow the house up so she must have done it right.

Both these videos were shot in the gloom so they are not exactly high quality, but they make us laugh.

The first one is me larking around like a silly idiot with a piece of rawhide chew.

I nearly poleaxed Mum with this chew a few minutes later - I flung it hard and it smacked her right in the forehead. Now THAT would have been a good video! Since then, I've been told to cool it in case I break the tv or a light or something.

The second one is... er, how shall I put this nicely... of a windy day. The idea was to show how I can bark on command, but I started to bark at the other end too. I am not entirely thrilled to be embarrassed in this way on the internet.

I got the last laugh, though, because as Mum was editing this I sneaked into her office and dropped another one. She thought she was hallucinating with her nose. Smell-o-vision.


  1. Hey Mojo! I was sound asleep in the family room and when I heard you bark in here I came running in to watch you! You totally mezmerized me! You have as much energy as I do! Hey, I've got a ring toy just like yours!

    Yer friend,

  2. Mojo ! I could stay and watch you during hours... you are so cute ! And guess what ? I love to see your tail in is like mine ! I don't bark on fact I don't obey a lot...hum....
    Kisses, Faya
    PS : does your mom always laugh this way ?????

  3. Mojo, You are such a cutie. I bark on command too but my command is not "bark" but I will bark when my human say "big black dog"


  4. Mojo--

    The videos are impressive! Quintessential Manic Airedale!

    We'll bet you're a handful for your mum. It great to know that someone's keeping the bar high.

    Hats off to you!

    Buster & Persephone

  5. Hi, Mojo
    Its great to see you in action!
    I love your videos! And your reaction like saying... what was it??
    Thanks for sharing them

  6. Hi Mojo,

    How cool that you can bark on command. I rarely bark, I'm more of a whiner. Not sure if Mom would rather have me bark or whine? I do bark out the other end, and it causes my Mom to giggle just like your Mom. Like you, I find it surprising and must investigate. Oh, us dogs.

    Your pal,

  7. I think we may have to teach Cassidy to bark on command. She's VERY vocal already!

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  8. Hey Mojo, what a cute curly tail you have! Loved your barking both ends video. Why was your Mum laughing though? Trumping isn't funny, it's quite a serious business and all trumps have to be investigated thoroughly. Humans are so silly sometimes! J x

  9. At least you weren't in the car when the tooting started. Everyone in our family seems to get a little carsick when that happens, for some reason.

    William Tell

  10. Mojo PL2 is laughing so hard she is crying!!!!! Excellent movie!!!!!! Love A+A

  11. Mojo - so happy to see some video of you!

    We're LAUGHING OUT LOUD here :)


  12. Mojo!!

    You are a GOOBER gIRL of the HIGHEST ORDER! Too bad there's no scent disc included with your video. I think it shows a refreshing lack of pretension that you FART when you bark. I also think it's very cunning of you to have dropped that last bomb in your mum's office.

    I think your goober name should be Mojoober!

    Goober love & smooches,

    Pee Ess
    My girl loves to watch you dance. She said she'd give you all kinds of kisses on your punkin head if she could pull you through the pooter.