Saturday, 24 November 2007

6 legs 2 wheels

Last week a whole new adventure was revealed to me: bicycles.

I've seen loads, of course, as I live right on the canal and the towpath doubles up as a cycleroute as well. This time things got more fun for me. Mum dusted off her Brompton, a folding bike. It took me about five seconds to realise that life was going to be fun.

She looks pretty silly perched on this thing with little wheels, but boy is it a laugh. We now get much further up the towpath than we ever did by walking. I run for miles! A lot of the time she goes real slow to make me just trot along, but I get impatient and overtake. Once I'm in front I'm a nightmare, though, as I stop really suddenly and she nearly parks the wheel in my furry butt. My butt is not a cycle rack.

I'm getting the hang of heeling to the bike, sort of. I get level or stay just behind, put my ears back and go steadily with a happy look on my face. I think it brings out my instinct for running with the pack.

At times she puts me on the extendable lead to stop me running amok as we pass through the village. Then I try and pull her off the bike without warning. And I did once swap bikers and head off into the distance with a strange man.

Anyway, here's a vid. It's a silent movie to spare you the shrieks from Mum of "don't bite the lenscap","look out" and "hurry up" . She couldn't operate the brakes with one hand on the camera.

How fine is my butt?


  1. It's pretty fine, Mojo! Pawsonally, I was looking forward to hearing the shrieks of "look out" etc. Maybe next time. J x

  2. It is fine ! Great job Mojo ! Mom don't use bycicle but we use to do cani-cross...
    Kisses, Faya

  3. looking at you pulling your mum and slowed down suddenly without warning, I can understand how nervous your mum gonna be when she bring you out biking... heee... but we cannot leave out any of the pee mail right?


  4. OMG, first a beautiful card from you and now your beautiful butt! Life doesn't get much better than this, Mojo!

    Yer friend,

  5. Wow what fun Mojo. That looks like a brilliant idea. I wonder how B would go cycling with the four of us....disasterous probably.
    You are one lucky gal living on a canal. How pretty.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

  6. I think I'd rather like that. I do love my walkies despite my age and ma never walks fast enough for my liking!

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  7. What a cool bike!! Mojo..are you off lead??!! If you are..MAN are you lucky!!!!!( we of course would be in the next county if that were ever to happen to us) That looks like ALOT of fun!! LoveA+A

  8. Hi, Mojo
    Sure it was fun fun "walkie" for you and your mom and with a splash and all!
    I love your curly tail!
    Have a good night