Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Saturday mornings are getting better and better. I've started going round to see my friends Rooster and Sol whose mum is running a puppy training session. More pup play = more good!

OK, so my level of concentration is poor at times and I just want to jump around like a nutter, but I'm only five months old and allowed to be an Airehead.

Though sometimes I'm impeccably well behaved. Here I am with Rooster and Sol doing a triple sit for their human boy, AJ.

I had a good wrestle with Jess the Jack Russell and left loads of blood all over her nice white coat. No, I didn't maul her - I'm just teething really badly at the moment and anything I chew gets covered.

What with my puppy class on Monday nights, I'm expected to sort my fuzzy brain out and start learning a thing or two. Darn. I thought it was just a puppy play party.

So how come our cats don't have to go to class, huh? Why don't they do tricks? I don't see them having to wait for the signal before they are allowed to eat their dinner. They get to walk over the table. They get to sit on the sofa. They get to sleep in the bedroom. And they don't do a SINGLE TRICK!


  1. Poor Jess! I hope she didn't have to have a bath to get all of the blood off her! Go easy with those puppy nippers, Mojo!

    Love ya lots,

  2. TOTALLY UNFAIR, Mojo Girl!

    I know what you mean. My catbro, Merv, lays around all day, gets up to stretch, and then he walks all over my girl and the house like he owns it. Not a thing is expected of him (AND, he gets to whiz and poo IN THE HOUSE ~ how is THAT fair?).

    Bootiful triple sit. Your buddies are a very good lookin' duo!

    Goober love,

  3. HaHA, Mojo...Isn't that teething blood the funniest?? I used to leave blood all over Scruff and get in trouble over it. Then my parents got used to it! So if I ever feel like biting Scruffy hard enough to make him bleed...(I've thought of it, but so far have restrained myself) then the parents will ignore it and say...oh, she's just teething!!!


  4. what beautiful photos on your blog Mojo - we are excited you are so nearby! What a pretty girl! Which beaches do you go to - we saw some of your seaside photos. We love the beach too.
    Love from Molly and Gertrude