Monday, 10 September 2007

baa baa baad dog

Meet the sheep.

I'm fascinated by them. So woolly, so smelly, and so very very strange. They don't belong to us but live in our paddock. I get a bit miffed when my parents chuck fallen apples over the fence to them instead of leaving them all for me. But if I stick my head through the fence I usually manage to get some sort of snack, if you know what I mean. I have a nice green smile afterwards.

I'm convinced that if I could get in the field with them we could have a great game of chasing. Apparently these are bad thoughts. But look, the ram lamb agrees. He even licks my nose sometimes and I manage a sneaky bite back.

Snowy, the white ewe, stamps her feet at me sometimes but I don't pay any attention. But Bongo the ram is a different story. He is one serious dude and I am not messing with him.

He shoos all the ewes and lambs away then comes back to stare me down. He even scares my mum and dad. They've been warned to take a big stick with them if they go in the field, but they'd rather stay out. At least Bongo doesn't look like the fence-jumping type. As you can see, though, I love to stick my head through the fence at him, which makes my mum get all nervous. I keep telling her to relax, that I can pull my head in fast enough if he comes at me, but she is still twitchy.


  1. Hey Mojo!

    how's it going pal? I linked you up to my blog so I can check you out more often..

    those sheeps are huuuuge! and look at those horns.. no wonder your mom is nervous.. betcha she keeps an eye on you everytime you check out the sheeps.


  2. Hmm, I can just imagine your delight at the sheep treats. Oscar had a penchant for horse treats and could down a pile of horse poop with great speed (ie before you could get to him to drag him away!).

    Yes, I think I will go to the funday on Sunday if the weather is nice. Oscar's best Airedale pal Archie will be taking his mum and dad and I would really like to see them as well as other friends from the club. I have been around other dogs but no Airedales since Oscar died, so it will be hard, but it will also be nice to see them all enjoying the fun and games.

    Katy x

  3. I think I'd steer clear of Bongo! He looks kinda mean!
    I've never had goat poo before! Am I missing out on anything exciting?!

    Love ya lots,

  4. Hi, Mojo.
    You are a brave girl! Being that close of all those sheeps! My mom would be nervous too!
    Have a nice day

  5. Hey, Mojo!

    I saw your cute little mug on commenting over at Bogart's and am stopping by to say hi. I'm Stanley, a 16 month old Aireboy. Please come visit me anytime. I have my own country, GooberStan, and other Dales are more than welcome.

    Loved the photos of the sheep. My cat, Merv, leaves me kitty candy. If I like that, I bet I'd love the sheep treats you've been trying. You say they're green, huh? Intriguing...

    I'm going to link to your blog if that's alright with you. Feel free to link to me if you like!

    Your new goober bud,

  6. those sheep reminds me of a new movie' black sheep'......

  7. Oh you know exactly what is goooooooood for you...I use to have those kind of "snacks" also from my neighbour....
    Kisses, Faya

  8. Hi are way to cute!! We met you on Bogie's x rated
    What are sheep?? They look really woolly??!! And large!! You must be very brave as just a pup! We're gonna add u to our pack...come and visit our blog and feel free to link us to yours!!

    Wiry hugs and Lakie licks!

    Scruffy and Lacie