Saturday, 15 September 2007

party time

Oh boy, I almost missed my lift to the party. It's Chilli's adoption day party and I've turned up almost too late. Without a bikini. At least I don't have to wax my legs like those poor human girlies.

Time to play with Scruffy and Lacie and Koobus and Ruby and Maggie and Mitch and everybody else! Yay for Chilli!

Uh oh. Mitch will see me without a bikini.

Ooooh nooo! Panic.


  1. Hello Mojo! You are quite adorable!!We are friends of Scruffy and Lacie.We were SO SAD we couldn't go to the party,but you will have to tell us all about it!! Oh yes!! We are Agatha and Archie brother and sister wire fox terrorists,I mean terriers,who live in Boston Ma!! Come visit!! Love A+A

  2. Hi Mojo,

    I am glad that you made it to the pawty. I hope that you have a fun time.


  3. We'll be having so much fun that I won't even notice that you're neked, Mojo! I'm so glad we all get to have fun together!

    Love ya lots,

  4. Hey Mojo ! You look great on your chair, having a coktail (no alcool I hope).... I hope you had a lot of fun at the party ! Kisses, Faya

  5. Uh...Mojo...many of us saw you without your bikini last night. :)! I'm hoping that Lacie kept hers on all trunks were so tight (they were an 18 mo. size and I needed a 2T)that I could barely get them off when we got home this morning. Nothing like sitting in a wet suit on a very long plane ride! We loved your beach pic...I'm gonna put it as the 'puter background right now!! It was so much fun meeting you at the are coming to Asta's birthday pawty aren't you?? You're awful cute, Honey'dale!!!

    Exhausted wiry hugs, Scruff

  6. seems like u really did enjoy urself there...along wit d pineapple juice

  7. Mojo, we swear we left a comment on this post, but it doesn't seem to be here....odd! But, you look stunning on your beach chair sipping ur drinkie...; it was even better meeting the realllllll you!! Are you going to Asta's party this weekend??? Go to her blog if you have any questions; it's a birthday pawty!!!!!!!!!

    Scruffy still seems a tad ill after all of that volleyball!!!!!

    Lakie licks, Lacie

  8. Hi Mojo

    Glad you had a great time!!

    Molly and Taffy

    PS. WE have added you to our fav blogs, hope that is OK?

  9. Hey Mojo,
    Boy, those pineapple drinks sure were good weren't they? Thanks for sharing your lounger with us at the pawty. We played volleyball so much that we kept getting tired & needed to rest.
    Yipppeeee, you got to meet Katy & Martin?? We bet the cowboy outfit was a wee bit big on you huh?? We can hardly wait to see pics of you wearing it. Mama does make Cowgirl Outfits too! hint, hint.
    We'll be waiting for your next post.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  10. Mojo!

    You look so relaxed lounging on the beach. Glad you got a chance to sun yourself after all the antics at the pawty. You're even cuter snout-to-snout. It was great to finally meet you.

    Don't worry about Mitchy. I'm pawsitive you made a good impression on him.

    Goober love,

  11. Hey Mojo!!

    Great picture!

    We had such a good time at Chili's pawty. I can't wait to see you this weekend at Asta's pawty. And don't forget to make plans to come to my ski party in the winter. What fun we'll have going down the mountain!!

    Lots of Koobuss Kisses,