Wednesday, 19 September 2007

An apocalypse of Airedales

What a weekend. First there was Chilli's party (what a blast!) then I went to my friend Rooster's house for a dog training session. (I've got a great photo from that but I'll have to post that another day).

Then on Sunday my parents had a wild surprise in store. They popped me in the car and an hour later arrived at a village hall. It was FULL OF AIREDALES!!!! Wooo hooo! I've never met another 'dale since leaving my litter, and here I was at the annual fun day of the West of England and South Wales Airedale Terrier Club.

I peed the floor with excitement straight away, not least because I was being sniffed by a very handsome young boy called Gunner. Then I headbutted the table from underneath and sent coffee all over the posters that were about to be hung up. But no-one cared!

Here's a pic of me sniffing Gunner's bum while he checks out Nigel.

I had the most fabulous time. Not only getting to meet huge grown up man-dales, but even little puppies much smaller than me. Mum and Dad realised how suddenly I've become big when they saw the little pup-girls.

We didn't just stand around, though. We played games!

First up was musical chairs. You can't see me in this pic as I'm right at the back.

musical ears

This pic shows stupid mummy (blue top) trying to sit on some poor boy. The boy is laughing but his dog is looking seriously affronted.

musical chairs

Next up was the Egg and Spoon Race. Dad got a real serious look on his face. Ultra competitive. With a shout of 'vamos' we were off - and won our heat.

egg race

Here's heat two - one smart dog has decided to run on his own, while Brillo is towing his mum.

egg race 3

The finals were won by Nigel, despite his mum dropping the ball.

egg race 5

The most amazing thing about Nigel is that he is totally blind. He had a degenerative retina condition and was blind by six years old - he is now ten and a half. My mum really fell for him as he is the most noble, calm and gentle dog. And if you didn't see his eyes you wouldn't guess he couldn't see.


My mum also fell in love with Ruby, who is a supersweet ball of fluff a bit younger than me. Mum's camera just kept turning her way.

super cute Ruby

She has had severe medical issues and is on constant medication, so she is a bit smaller for her age than she ought to be. But she is such a delight, and we hope to meet up with her again soon.


We played a ridiculous game of Mummies. People race the clock to wrap their dogs up in toilet paper like a mummy. Most dogs oblige.

mummy 7

Nigel looks like a Crusader Knight.

mummy 5

Even this gorgeous little pup (I think she's called Ellie) took it like a champ.

mummy 6

Poppy the puppy lay back and thought of England.

mummy 8

Not me.

Every piece that Dad got on me I removed before he got the next one going. Just call me Houdini. He was laughing so hard every shred of his dexterity deserted him.

mummy 2

Sorry, this is turning into a looong post.

I met Jess, who looked so much like me we had to check we weren't related. She's one month older than me, and after the smooching...


... came the wrassling. Stanley would be proud of me. I'm on top, by the way.


Next up was fancy dress. I thought I would just be watching as my Mum and Dad didn't organise a costume. But then the most amazing thing happened. I met Oscar's mum and dad, Katy and Martin, and Katy had brought with her the costume Oscar would have worn if he had been able to be here. It was made by the fair hand of Butchy and Snickers' mum. And I got to wear it!

fancy dress 2

It was a bit big so my trousers fell off if I walked, but I looked so splendid I won third prize! Big kisses to Katy, and to Oscar too. I can't fill his shoes, but I hope that somewhere he was looking down and laughing too.

fancy dress 3

Here's the first prize duo. She looks like a shotgun bride and he looks like he can't wait for the party to be over and the wedding night to begin.

fancy dress

There were other games too, like Hunt the Sausage and Best Groomed, and an agility course too. Katy took me round the agility because my parents were too boring. Actually, I think Dad was still knackered after his Egg and Spoon exertions and Mum was as usual holding the camera. I was a bit all over the place, but it was still fun.

I didn't enter the best groomed because I am a woolly mammoth at the moment.

Anyway, I had five hours of crazy Airedale fun, then we went home grinning. Mum and Dad thought I would be worn out, so we went to the pub. but there I met a Jack Russell puppy called Norman and we went bonkers. A whirling crazy ball of excited puppies. I always have energy for fun!

This weekend we may go back to the Airedale Club as they are holding a grooming class. I'll be able to see Ruby again. Aroooooo!

Wish you were all able to come play with me too!


  1. Hey Mojo, I've been waiting to see your photos, they're excellent! It was really lovely to meet you and your mum and dad, and Oscar would have been so proud of you modelling his cowboy outfit so beautifully. Martin and I are totally in love with you, you're such a sweet girl. Hopefully you'll be a great pal to Cassidy when he or she arrives.

    I have some photos of you I can email you if you'd like, including a cute one of your mummified tail (the only part your poor dad managed to wrap in tissue!)and fuzzy bottom, and I'd like it if your mum would forward the one of you in Oscar's outfit and the one of Ruby and Jessica to me if she wouldn't mind -

    Have fun at grooming. Oscar enjoyed the playing outside a lot more than the hair pulling!

    Katy xxx

  2. OMG, what fun you had and so many gorgeous Dales! Ruby is just adorable and you got to wear Oscar's costume! awwwwwww, How special are you, Mojo! Nigel is so handsome!
    We're so happy that you attended this spendid Airedale event! How cool!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. It was a great day for you ! VĂ©ronique is always smilling when she can see a lot of airedales ! Cool that you can meet Katy and Martin... I am sure Oscar is proud of you. Kisses, Faya

  4. Hey Mojo,
    You look so good in Oscar's outfit! That was so great that Katy had brought it along for the day. We bet the boy dales were excited when your pants fell down, hehehehe!
    Man, so many airedales in one place. That must have been awesome. Mama would have gone nuts seeing all of the gorgeous dales. Glad you had such a good time!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  5. Ok, can we become Dales?? Lacie and I can't imaging a better day!!! We loved the pic of the chain of butt sniffers!!! And you in Oscar's costume....that is soooo wonderful. We know it was hard for Oscar's mom and dad that day, but they now have the love of 2 Dales...Oscar and Cassidy whenever he/she is old enough to live with them!!!!! We can't imagine a whole day with lotsa members of your own breed!! We're excited for Asta's pawty this weekend...can't wait to play, Mojo!!!!!!!!!

    Wiry love & Lakie kisses,

    S & L

  6. we had that musica chair game over here in my country too...

    but i've never seen that mummy game b4

    n it seems like is an 'airedale only' day!

  7. Hello what a great day you had. You look just terrific modelling Oscars cowboy outfit. The game of Hunt The sausage sounds good..yummy!

    The Thugletsx

  8. WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a day! We were exhausted just looking at hte pictures!! And you got to wear Oscars cowboy outift!! Oscar must have been smiling down!! Oscar was going to let Archie use it to catch coyotes but we live to far away(Like across the ocean!! ) Lvoe A+A

  9. As a former Airedale owner (well, Bozley actually owned me and my wife, but let us shop for him, and do the cleaning around the house, as long as it didn't disturb his rest periods), I was most interested in the picture of Nigel.
    I have posted it on Wikipedia to show what retinal degeneration looks like, but would ask if you would provide, as long as you are willing to accept, an email releasing the photo as your own property, and acceptable for inclusion on the Airedale Terrier page on Wikipedia.
    Many thanks, and I hope you approve of the work done in putting together the information on the Wikipage so that others will have a better understanding of the Airedale.

  10. Hi Mojo and family,

    my name is Uli and I'm from Germany. I came from the wikipedia site to your blog. Especially Nigels degenerative retina condition made me curious to visit your blog.

    I would like to talk with you about Nigel. So it would be absolutely great, if you could send me an email to my address.

    Thanks in advance and please excuse my mistakes in English.