Monday, 25 February 2008

how I like my walkies

Here's how to do a walk properly....

If you see mud, get in quick

Lower yourself in and feel the coolness on your belly

Experiment with different consistencies of puddle

Then stink the car out on the way home

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Will you all still play with me?

Oh dear. I haven't posted since Boxing Day which is RIDICULOUS. So many of you have sent me messages to ask how I am, which has been most wonderful. I feel like I should have some kind of sensible explanation but all I can do is blame Mum. First we had relatives to stay, then she came down with some bug that laid her out, then she went back to work. Next thing I knew, I hadn't been visiting anyone's blogs for ages and felt too guilty to post on my own. Now, if only dogs had opposable thumbs like humans, I would be able to ditch Mum and use the computer myself.

But I miss all my buddies. Some, like Cassidy, seem to have doubled in size while my back has been turned. So I hope you might forgive me and let me run with the pack again.

In the absence of a good shot to show you how grown up and lovely I am at 10 months old, here's one of me at a mere 8 weeks. My first visit to the pub, and I'm a natural boozehound. I love licking the outside of pint glasses. I also try to sneak my tongue into the inside when no-one's looking, but that gets frowned upon.

And here is the video from Christmas Day that Mum was editing just as the relatives arrived. If you ever wondered how daft an Airedale can be....

Like the way I can roll my tail up like a party tooter?
(Hope the video works for you. For some reason Blogger refuses to play it to the end for me.)