Tuesday, 18 March 2008

what? where?

I'd rather be telling you how pleased I am to be lounging on Mum & Dad's bed. And I'd rather you took a moment to admire my special bedhead moustache.

But instead you get my OH MY DOG face.

Mum just told me something she's known for ages. She's off to Australia for 5 weeks, and she's going on Friday. This is terrible!

Who's going to give me those shoulder massages that send me all droopy? Who's going to give me butt scritches that make me pull pointy grinning faces? Who's going to tell me I'm a beautiful girly a hundred times a day? *sob* I bet the cats won't even come out of the bedroom to stare at me through the puppy gate without Mum as a peacekeeping force. I hate her I hate her I hate her.

Now don't get me wrong; I love my Dad too. And as he works from home he gets to be my personal butler all day and night. But I have a horrible feeling he will want to go and have a life at some point - like play a game of tennis - and that means I'll be put in my crate. I'm 11 months old tomorrow and the longest they have ever left me is 2 hours.

Talking of my age, I'm going to have my 1st birthday and Mum WON'T EVEN BE THERE.

I hope you feel duly sorry for me.

Mum here:
Oh boy do I feel guilty. And I haven't even told the cats yet. I'm off on a marvellous trip and I feel really bad about leaving the furry monsters behind (that includes the man). Fingers crossed the man will be able to get some rest in between his heavy workload and his butler duties. Fingers crossed the cats don't need to be administered tablets for any reason. Fingers crossed they don't all vote to change the locks while I'm gone.

I'm going to be crossing the continent from Darwin down to Adelaide, right through the red heart of the country and right to the heart of a unfulfilled wish from when I was a 7-year-old. I'll be the palest, oldest, plumpest backpacker on the trip but that's just fine with me!

I'm bravely handing over the blog password to the man so he can carry on posting on Mojo's behalf - if he finds a moment's peace. I'll be able to get my pup fix on the move. All we have to do now is find a way to get Mojo to wear a headset without chewing it and we'll be able to Skype each other too!

I'll have a mountain of catching up to do when I get back, but I hope you all stay healthy, happy and wise.


  1. Oh my poor Mojo... I am so sad for you. I cannot imagine how it is to live without my mommy....I am sure your Dad will do everything you want....
    Kisses, Faya

  2. Oh dear Mojo, that really was a shock for you.

    Make sure that Mum leaves a nice long list of instructions for your Dad so he can pander to your every whim. Well that is the least you deserve especially as you will be celebrating your very important first birthday very soon.

    Hopefully the time will pass by very quickly for you till your Mum comes home.

    Molly and Taffy

    PS. Mojo's Mum have a grrreat trip!

  3. Oh poor Mojo! You can always come and stay here for a break if life with dad and the cats gets too much.

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  4. OMG! Five weeks is a real long time! I'm sure you and your dad will have lots of fun, Mojo, but when our mom went away for 6 days we both missed her like crazy!
    We do hope, though, that your mom does have a wonderful time! Make sure you get lots of pressies out of this deal!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Poor Mojo. I am sure your mum will miss you as much as you will be missing her at least you have a personal butler to tend to your needs.


  6. Mojo, tell your mum to pop in and visit us. That way she can get a real live airedale fix. We hope she can come over our way. It's not on the route from Darwin to Adelaide but if she has time she is more than welcome.
    Don't be sad. At least you don't get shoved in a kennel like we usually do when they go jetsetting.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  7. Sweet Mojo!

    Bummer. I can't believe that you'll be sans mama for 5 weeks! And, I can't believe that the longest they've ever left you is only 2 hrs. That is some change you're in for.

    On the other paw, your mama gets to fulfill her childhood wish! I bet she'll miss you everyday, but think of all the great smells she'll be bringing back! And, maybe this will take your relationship with your dad to a whole new level! (Even spies need loyal, sweet pupgirls in their lives).

    And, best of all, you'll probably get 2 birthday celebrations out of this ~ one on THE DAY, and one when your mama gets home!

    We'll all keep you company, Mojo. Don't fret too much!

    Goober love & sympathetic smooches,

  8. Enjoy!!! I'm soooo jealous!! Mojo will survive..you'll just have a few weeks worth of snuggles to catch up on!!

    Simba's mom

  9. Poor Mojo, no mum for 5 whole weeks.
    We are sure your mum will have a great time in our country, it is a shame she is not coming to Melbourne, cause she could play with us!

    Have fun with your daddy Mojo.

    Miss Ellie and Baz

  10. Hi Mojo -
    we symphathise with you entirely!! Our mum AND dad are going to Australia on Friday too for 3 weeks!!! Wow - I wonder if they will bump into each other - but we've heard it's a BIG place. We are going to stay with the Thuglets for 3 weeks up in Durham so we;ll be just fine, but still it will be weird. You and your dad will be great - you can spend soem quality time together and really bond. Don't worry about your mum - she'll be having a wonderful time but we know she'll miss you.

    Take care,
    Love Molly and Gertrude

  11. Wow Mojo big changes for you. Your Mom is going to miss you so much, she'll be sorry. Good luck buddy.