Saturday, 1 March 2008


A few minutes ago the conversation went like this:

Mum: Wow, there's a sparrowhawk sitting on the garden fence.

Mojo: Wow, Mum is eating a chicken and ham slice.

Mum: (grabbing camera) If I get to the other window I might be able to catch a photo.

Mojo: (grabbing pie) Mmmm nom nom nom


Mojo: Why don't you swap out the 70mm lens for the 300mm one?

Mum: Good idea.

Mojo: nom nom nom

Mum: OY!!!

Mojo: I was only cleaning up the crumbs I dropped the first time.

Mum: Aw, now look - the bird's gone.

Mojo: Still a bit of pie left. You won't want it now it's got fluff from the floor stuck to it.

Mum: Want a bet?

Mojo: Anyway, that's a really blurry shot.

Mum: That's because I was shooting through a window covered in dog nose marks.

Mojo: Blame me for everything, why don't you? Just because I chased that pheasant across the field this morning, and yeah, OK, I did run off and swim a stream the other day to chase a deer, but it was running off anyway, and sure, I've dug all the stuffing out of the futon again and I can't help it if my puppy farts are so evil you want to get out of the car and let me drive myself home. But you're just having a bad photography day and it's not my fault.

Mum: (sigh) I know. And you're so cute.


  1. Hé Mojo ! Was it good ?????
    Kisses, Faya

  2. You're sure smart to grab your chances for free food, Mojo! I get forgiven all the time for the very same reason - being too cute! I hope we stay cute forever, right?!

    Yer friend and secret admirer,

  3. Well we are getting some GREAT tips here Mojo!!! Keep them coming!! Love A+A

  4. Sounds like your mum should have cleaned the window before taking the shot. It's not your fault that she didn't do that.

    The ham & chicken slice sounds good. Glad you got to enjoy it.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  5. Dear Mojo,
    Oh my gosh, I see Mitch is now trying to take over as your secret admirer! That's some stiff competition I know - he's one handsome little dude, I have to admit!
    I can imagine you have a lot of admirers, even though you like to roll in mud and dead animals... not to mention the whole farting thing. What is it about you? You simply have the absolute cutest face and because of that can get away with just about anything and charm just about anyone it seems. You have me in your trance, that's for sure.
    I love you, my little Mojo cutie-pie!
    Your Secret Admirer

  6. These hoomans can be so easily distracted, marvellous isn't it. Many a good meal has been consumed by us in exactly the same way.

    Molly and Taffy

  7. Sounds like you get away with murder and that's just how it should be! Hehehe! J x

  8. Hey Mojo, Butchy & Snickers posted instructions on how to make sweet potato chews. They're pawsome! Click on this link and scroll down a bit...

    J x

  9. Mojo Girl!

    You're obviously smarter than your mama. The truth hurts.

    Goober love & smooches,

    pee ess
    Who is your very secret secret admirer?

  10. Hey Mojo, do you know who the secret admirer is yet??? If you find out, tell us ok. We love secrets.

    Willow Tess & Lucy

  11. Hey Mojo...I'll be ur not so secret admirer..u are one REALLY CUTE Dale...and only a tad older than barkday is mid-May...when's yours???

    We missed u terribly...don't ever be gone that long again...grow a thumb!

    Babystan...who's not such a baby any more....50lbs of solid Dale muscle!!!!!

  12. human juz love to blame us for everything that went wrong...

  13. Oh Mojo! I admit I am a food thief extraordinaire, but it's bad form to do it from right under their noses! You need to wait until the humans are wll out of the way, then it's entirely possible that a huge mouse or one of the cats pinched the food.

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  14. Hi Mojo! Chicken and a ham slice beats a bird in the bush any day! You are tooooooo funny!

    Poppy, Penny & Pockets

  15. He he he, Mojo you are too funny! What a great way to sneak some yummy food!! I'll have to try that one on my Mom next time the pesky squirrel is on the porch. He he!

    Your pal,

  16. Hi Mojo!

    That was such a lovely funny post.

    I'm sorry I didn't comment earlier, to say it's good to have you back blogging.

    While you were away I moved blog homes, I'm now to be found @

    Pats & pets

  17. Lol! Mojo, you are so cute! Grab any chance you can get to steal your mum's food.


  18. Heh heh, nice work Mojo. Nice of you to help your mom and critique her photography too.

    Your friend, Lenny

  19. I've found that cuteness and puppydog eyes can cover a multitude of sins. :)

    William Tell

  20. Mojo!!!

    Your winking photo is FANTASTIC!!!!!


  21. I like the way you and the kestrel teamed up to outsmart your Mom! Good thinking! I hope you remembered to throw him a crumb, too. :)

    William Tell

  22. Mojo,

    We miss you! Come back!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch