Friday, 14 September 2012


I'm pretty certain the cats are not to blame for this:

It's a pretty thorough disembowelling of the futon.  Notice the yellow throw that was moved over first. With added cardboard box shreddings for a scene of complete devastation.

The process:
Firstly Digger notices the cotton tassels that tantalisingly hold the filling in place
Then Mojo decides to have a lie down which requires a quick dig before circling a few times and going flump.
The digging opens a tiny rip, right next to a tassel which Digger is keeping an eye on.
They take turns to poke said hole.
They take turns burying a tennis ball in the hole to surprise themselves with.
As the daleks would say: EX-CA-VATE, EX-CA-VATE

We used to have another futon sofabed years back, which Mojo dealt with in her puppyhood. Some things never change, eh?

1 comment:

  1. Ruh Roe. That is quite the demolition! Somethin' tells me that you pups didn't get the peeps permission before your little 'remodeling' project....
    I can't even imagine your peeps faces when they found it! I know you pups are probally innocent, set up by a pack of rabid squirrels, hell-bent on settin' up poor unsuspecting doggies! Evil, Evil squirrels!