Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic fever

Woo hoo! The Olympics are finally here! Did you see that opening ceremony? The lighting of the cauldron with the Olympic flame made our hair stand on end, and there's a few in this house who have quite a lot of hair.

Back in May the torch route passed through Devon, but sadly we were unable to get to it. Although there was a niggling thought that two Airedales, running people, fire and national tv crews were a recipe for disaster. We'd just like to state that the 'rogue dog' than ran through the middle of the cycle race today was nothing to do with us.

Anyway, we're still getting into the Olympic spirit. Yesterday just after 8am there was a mass bell ringing, and how could we refuse? Three minutes of Digger losing his mind with excitement. I was laughing too hard to photograph him so I had to re-enact it this afternoon. Yep, he still loved it. I also discovered that he barks at the same rate as my camera shutter fires on continuous release as I ended up with 30 shots which had his mouth shut. Spooky, as I swear his mouth was open and yelling the entire time.

Anyway, he shouldn't think it's all fun and games. Just like the athletes, there is a lot of tension in getting a performance right. Trying to get a shuttlecock to balance on his head is a serious business. There's the added stress of knowing the wide angle lens is going to make his nose look even bigger, too.

We've been really bad at getting round to blogging recently, so we've decided to challenge ourselves to posting daily through the Olympics. The idea is to create an Airedale tribute to a different sport every day. We started with Badminton, which kicked off today. Lightning fast reaction times and chasing after little flying things gets the seal of Airedale approval.

Any other dog-bloggers want to join in? (cat bloggers, hammie bloggers etc too).

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  1. How clever you are to link the collars for the Olympic emblem!
    You look so funny with the birdie on your head! hehe

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly