Monday, 17 December 2007

from the doghouse

Dad is still going on about his iPod.

I know I was wrong to munch it. I know it was expensive. But hey!!! Get over it already! I've tried to point out that it was his fault for leaving it within reach, but that went down like a lead balloon.

It's not that he's being horrible to me or anything - he's the same pushover for a goofy face as he ever was. It's just that he manages to mention it in so many conversations and I'm sick of feeling guilty. And I'm also worried that he's going to let Santa know, which would be a tragedy.

So anyway, I'm practising my guilty face. Do you think this will work?

There's a perception that I'm the naughty one in this house. But this morning something happened that can't be blamed on me. Mum was gathering up her clothes to put in the wash, and reached under the chair in the bedroom to pick up what she thought was one of her brown hiking socks. It was a dead rat.

Despite both cats, Newt and Possum, being curled up tightly in a deep snoring sleep there's no doubt it was one of them. The bedroom is a cat safety zone protected by a dog gate. So no-one can blame me.


  1. i think if my ms owner found a rat's corpse...she will be totally freak out...

  2. Hey hey Mojo,

    You be looking very sorry. Me thinks Santa Paws will be kind.

    Mummy said me can go off lead tomorrow after she readed your comments so thank you!

    Cassidy x

  3. Oh, and me thinks your winky photo be very cool!

    Cassidy x

  4. Once your dad sees your sweet guilty face, we're just certain all will be forgotten and forgiven!
    We got your Christmas card in the mail today, Mojo! Thank you so much! How adorable and original it is! We love it!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. You are the best Mojo ! Can you teach me the "guilty face"? It can be needed sometimes.....
    Kisses, Faya

  6. Mojo, who could ever remain angry with you after looking at your guilty face?

    I think dad should thank you for helping him make up his mind to upgrade his IPod. There are always newer and better models in the market.

    Perhaps just drop a hint to mum so that she do not need to crack her brain on thinking of what to get for your dad for Christmas.


  7. G'day Mojo,
    Your guilty face is the cutest. My sissies are practicing it as I type. They need it!
    Hopefully your dad will get over the loss of his i-poddy thingy soon.
    I bet your mum screamed when she pulled out a dead

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

  8. Hey Mojo,
    You sure have a good guilty face, hehehe! Our Mama would have jumped if she picked up a dead rat. We've still been catching mousies in traps in our basement, 16 so far. Mama is mad. We've never had mice like this ever. They must have made a hole somewhere to get in.
    Don't worry, Santa will show up at your house!!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  9. How could anyone stay mad at that face??? But I know what you mean...I chewed up human mom's Coach purse last wasn't pretty...I pulled it through my crate and shredded it.

    She cried.

  10. OK lets sort this out..on one hand a little Ipod sort of chewed up..on the other.... A DEAD RAT!!! Which would your Dad rather find?????Love A+A

  11. Hi, Mojo
    Your sad face breaks my hearth! Sure your dad will forget about it soon!
    Have a good night

  12. Mojo!

    First off, that photo is, paws down, the most pitiful looking Airedale I've EVER seen. I can see why Faya applied to you for coaching. (It's very weird to see your crazy self looking so contrite). You dad can't possibly resist that face. (Just so you know, I told him I thought it was as much his fault as yours that his ipod is dead, but he's a spy, and they don't usually listen to the advice of others, so... whatcha gonna do?)

    Second, I too have a cat safety zone in my house. My girl also puts up a gate to her bedroom so I don't raid the kitty candy out of the litter box (how RUDE of her).

    Goober love & sympathy,

  13. Hey, Miss Mojo Girl!!

    My big hairy bruzzer, Stanley, has been talkin' bout ya and how you had yourself a very expensive snack and how you know hows to make the sad face so peeps love on you and not be mad. I say to myself, "STELLA self, that Mojo is MY kind of girlie!"

    You'll be my special fren, yes? I sure hope so. Hairy Stanley is good for chewing, but not very handy for teaching me important stuffs like your bringmelovenotscolding sad face.

    Please Please say you'll be my fren!

    Goobette lovin' & tiny kissies,

  14. That's such a great pic! That's the face my mom would make if she say a dead rat, but she'd be nowhere near as cute.


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  16. Oh Mojo,

    I've just read about your dad's post on his iPod. Umm, what done is done ya, and look at your sweet guilty face, how could your dad still be angry with you? *Hugs*


  17. Mojo:

    GREAT work on "THE FACE!"

    Poor Dad - he just learned a valuable lesson and NOBODY is above learning a GOOD lesson daily -

    Dad - stop fretting about the replacable iPod - refrub iPods are very affordable and available maybe Mojo with Mum's help could check into this option?

    So, like our Grandpie always said
    "Don't fret about we'll fix it!"

    Fretting just makes the tummy hurt.

    And Dad, try to keep the stuff you want out of "THE ZONE" -
    "THE AIREZONE!" The zone can be a dangerous place - just ask our Mom abuot the $150.00 we had for snackie....And just do you think wanted those monies after she picked it up out of the backyard?

  18. Mojo,

    Who couldn't forgive you with a face like that? I would not only forgive you, but give you whatever you want!

    Eeeewwww, a dead rat! Well, as you said at least you can't be blamed for that one.

    Your pal,

  19. Hey Mojo, I've been practising my guilty face but it doesn't even get CLOSE to yours! It was very nice of your cats to leave your mum such a thoughtful present. What a shame she didn't appreciate it. There's no pleasing humans sometimes. J x

  20. Oh, Mojo, what a face! I hope the cats left the dead rat to distract your people and get you off the hook. iPods are expensive!!! Once I chewed on a cell phone, though. Oh, and a digital camera...You should just tell your dad that you love him so much that you wanted him to get a NEW iPod for Christmas.

    Your friend, Lenny

  21. You've pretty much got the guilty face perfected. Took me a while but it's now pretty much impossible to stay mad at me.


  22. You have definately master the look. I've got this look down to a fine art.How can anyone be angry when they look as this hard done by face.
    I think it won't be long until the eye pod incident will be forgotten.
    Poor rat my sister has rats rooney and renaldo I love playing with them. Not so keen on the dead rats though.

  23. Hiya Mojo,
    Glad you got the card.
    Have a great Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.
    Take care.

    Your Aussie pals
    Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

  24. Merry Christmas, Mojo! We love you!

    Maggie and Mitch

  25. Merry Christmas!
    Have a lovely day,
    I'm sure your forgiven now.

    Love, pats & pets